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SRG Steam Racing Group Recruitment.

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Hi I'm Luke from SRG Steam Racing Group, and we are making a push to get some more racers into the group.

SRG Background

SRG is a group set up in September for the game F1 2010 by MaD Haze, Myself (LukeD1uk) and Kenny and has been going strong with 2 Hardcore and 3 Stock leagues, there is also a hotlap Competition every 2 weeks and many get together every night on Team Speak and in the game.

SRG started out on Steam but moved more towards the website when the game was released. the Steam group has 147 members and the website has 130+ members and growing. these range from people just popping on for the odd race to the people turning up every Tuesday or Sunday for the Hardcore and Stock league nights. We don't just play F1 2010 but its the game we are backing with leagues at this moment, allot of members play games like:




Simbin games (Race 07 Gtr Evo),


Test Drive Unlimited

F1 2010

and many other games.

Depending on the trend of the times we may start up new leagues if enough people are racing the games, and wish to take part in a good league in a different game.

This group is filled with honest clean racers who have had their fair share of first corner madness, people weaving to defend their position and people using their car as the brake. but this is SRG and only people who can race properly and Respectfully race here.

Don't be put off thou we all have times when we brake a little late and make the odd accident but its all part of racing. all we ask is that you race clean, race fair and overall have FUN!

We have loads of ideas for events in the new year, for all manor of racing games.

So if your a decent Guy or Gal and love some clean wheel to wheel racing then come check out our site join TS (Team Speak) get to know everyone, its not too late to join the league and there is the hot lap comp and other organised events.

then head on down to the website and check us out.

Thanks for reading hope to be racing you all soon.

check out our promo video :D

LukeD1uk - SRG Staff. Events held mainly on European Time zones.

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