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Force Feedback Advice PS4: T300RS F1 Rim

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Dear ISR Community,

I would appreciate some help in finding the best overall balanced set up for F1 2015 on the PS4 using the F1 rim attachment on the T300RS base. From seeing Darin's review of the game which I have owned since launch there has been issues with getting a decent feedback setup when driving across all circuits if not most.

With that being said I don't have a setup as such, my FFB is set to 100 as is environmental feedback, I played around with the wheel weight and saturation but then found unless I turned degrees of rotation up to max I was unable to sync the input i was giving on the wheel to what I was seeing in the car. in short the wheel could be fully locked and i'd only turn it 90' on the default degree of rotation for F1.

I'd appreciate any set up advice that people may have for this game as I'm enjoying it a lot with my setup I just can't get any accurate or realistic feedback which is really ruining the experience as of right now if i played with a controller I would notice no difference.

Thanks in advance.

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