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F1 2015 Multiplayer Features

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Whilst there is much to look forward to in F1 2015, such as the improved physics, AI, and of course 60FPS, there is much that I'm becoming very disappointed about. People who have the game early have confirmed the fears that the Safety Car feature has been removed and even worse now with the new race settings, the only way you can compete in a full qualifying session if if you do a 100% race too. There are 3 presets that change the length of all sessions - that's just poor game design in my opinion. Usually I do full qualifying and practice but a 50% race. In F1 2015 that's not possible. With no Co-op, split screen or career mode, and pro season mode basically being just a gimmick (because you can change all the settings to make it "pro" manually), this title is quite light of features.

I understand this is a fresh start for the series and that they have probably tried to get the basics (physics, AI etc) right first. I hope the core racing experience is great though, otherwise it will be a step back for Codemasters' F1 games, which I have throughly enjoyed and played hundreds of hours of. Only time will tell.

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