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Sebastien Loeb Evo Rally E3 2015 Gameplay videos

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Presenting two Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo Gameplay videos using direct capture from E3 2015. I was on hand and did the driving in these videos and Milestone and Namco were kind enough to let me not only film, but do direct capture as well. I'm driving on the Playstation 4 using a Thrustmaster T300 RS.


First up I'm in Sweden for a stage in the snow.


Then I finish up running a stage at Australia on gravel.


Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo is due out at the end of the year for many platforms. PC, PS3, PS4, XBox 360 and XBox One as well as at least one more. I will also be posting a video with my initial impressions from E3 as well.


I hope you enjoy the videos !

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Thanks for the video.

What's the inside cockpit views like? I don't understand why milestone often shows driving from behind like this, it's so unnatural.

It would be great to see a head to head comparison with Dirt Rally now the new FFB is out.

Cockpit views are not ready. Darin choose to use the best from the possible ones - bumper cam. The 3rd person view is to see the car.  :)


Btw after the WRC 4 fiasco I hope Milestone learned some lessons.

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