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SOLD : Fanatec Complete Clubsport Setup and CSL Seat - USA

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Ladies and gentlemen,

I am parting out my complete Fanatec Sim rig.  I am debating upgrading to a nicer direct drive wheel or just upgrading my new MK7 Golf.  Decisions decisions!


  1. Clubsport V.2 Base - 525 shipped Sold
  2. Clubsport BMW GT Rim - 200 Shipped Sold
  3. Clubsport V.2 Pedals - 250 shipped Sold
  4. Clubsport v.1.5 Sequential/Manual Shifter - 200 shipped Sold
  5. Clubsport Handbrake - 110 shipped 
  6. Fanatec CSL Seat. 275 shipped 


Edit - price of handbrake and Seat for shipping.

Edit - Sold 1-4 SORRY EVERYONE!!!!!!!

Edit - Sold everything!



**I already miss my Fanatec rig, if your on the fence about buying a clubsport, I would just do it.  You can always resell it for pretty much the same price... 






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Welcome to the forum

this won't last long on here before it sells

very competitive pricing compared to prices other people are trying to sell for

good luck with your sale

Thanks!  I didn't think I would get so many offers so fast.

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Replied to all pm's, should have put my prices higher  :cool:  /s

Someone has offered to buy all but the CSL Seat, I will keep everyone informed.



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