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GT Style (mrNismo) MDF Chassis

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First I'd like to say, this original design was not a thought of my own. I am not trying to take credit directly for the design of the rig.


I seen Mr. Nismo's design for a GT style rig and other DIY rigs out there that used MDF and other materials and only two came to mind. One is the R-POD by SpaceHedgeHog and the other was by Mr. Nismo. SSHog went into great detail and showed his process for the rig and seems to be a very sturdy build. On the other side of the pool was Mr. Nismo's rig which showed great design qualities and had good renderings of it. I've asked there and then noticed the last post was in Feb '14. I wanted to know what dimensions (basic ones) so I could build one, however I'm Much too impatient for waiting and I also didn't expect a reply anytime soon. What I've done is eyeballed with a measuring tape and attempted to sit how it should feel, downloaded a model of a chair and made it close to specs and I've come up with this!





I've taken decent time to fit this to what I believe Mr. Nismo's dimensions are.


Im also going to include the sketchup file so you people who are interested in looking over the dimensions could help me with any changes. This is a rig that will be built by me and I have nothing but time to do it with. Also once these plans come to and final dimensions are cut, if anyone would be interested in full plans I can document my whole build and make a full layout plan down to bill of materials. Something along the lines of this:




Let me know the majority of interest or not, but this will be my path into a sim rig.


****Here is the Google Drive for the sketchup stuffs****



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well.. continuing on, reading more into Mr. Nismo's posts he made a support part, ive added this as well and also the dimensions for the wheel plate area seemed a little low, ive added 3 inches of height to that, loading an accurate t500rs base and wheel into the mix also made me see that it was too narrow, so it now has 14.5 inch width rather than 12.5.. Im going to want to run a TX base but to have a bit larger wont hurt.


A windowed view of the support part and the wheel plate




and a view from the right with the seat moved back




This is shaping up to be quite an engineering feat. As long as I take my time, I'm sure this will turn out beautifully.


Due outs:

-pedal fitment

-design shifter fitment

-assemble dash or affix button box

-keyboard tray

-audio configuration

-monitor (single or triples?)

-console holster / Computer stand

-base electronics (lights, power, etc.)



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Thanks SHHog, Jono, and serrasalmus. I look forward to making this the one to remember..


I've been working hard today, mainly with setting up the MDF cutout sheet. Made this easy to modify and with individual components so if a new part comes on, it will be easy to arrange the other if needed.


Something along the lines of this (don't mind the OSB, just a representation of sheet wood/MDF)


4'x8' sheet



Unfortunately I have an emergency that needs tending this weekend so I cannot continue work until Monday..


I do hope this is enough to make one salivate and want more!!!  kidding

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I've had a few friends review it who have race rigs and they plotted some dimensions for me.

-The main issue We could see was the pedal area and the support having some clearance issues, also, the width was just a tad smaller than needed to fit an array of seats. This will be plotted up as a DIY soon enough with instructions and printouts, So the entire rig was made 4" wider than it was.

-Another major change was in the model was the base, lengthened for added support, widened to match 4" diff, and finally made into 2" wide material since finding long straight boards of 1" is hard to get, Plus took projected costs down $20 or so.


I found a "Race Rig Monitor stand" on the 3d warehouse in sketchup, and after all the dimensions were changed it fit perfect. >.> almost too perfect...  I don't want to take credit for the monitor stand but I will find out all parts and make a parts list for that in the DIY part of this build. looks to have some metal bits so those will need to be ordered but should be cheap..


Due outs I am going to wait on are:

-Pedals since I cannot find a good model, I will wait until I get my hands on some to find a good geometry for racing.

-Shifter as the TX set will not come with one but I do want to get the TH8a in the future.. as far as the geometry of the distance, it should work out fine as measured on a '14 mustang GT (sporty enough) only concern would be the height but every shifter is diff so ill leave that for DIY'ers to figure that out. maybe if some samples come in  ;) I will do different segments on how to fit them in... possibly removable plates since I also have the Saitek X52 flight sticks too...

-Dash will not commence since I want to get into racing, however it is still on the back burner as an upgrade. need to get button box and or electronics to do buttons with anyways.. for now "ROCCAT" will be primary

-Audio should be easy enough with either stands or mounting to rig/seat etc.

-Monitor stand is not final, I will be doing XBOX ONE racing as well so I may figure out a way to swap stands to get one large for console gaming and triples for PC, Still a toss up; however, the stand in the model will accommodate both applications.. (Casters, Rollers??)


Some updated pics of planning Phase: (Lowered resolution since it was kind of annoying to be soo large)







Some other due outs still left for the planning phase are:

-Keyboard tray

-Console/PC Holster/placement

-Base Electronics


As for now.. I am making a trip to the hardware/lumber store and starting this.. I have it plotted on 2 MDF 4x8x3/4 sheets, 2 2x4x8 boards, and 1 1x1 board (mdfsupport), misc screws and hardware... off to the store I go..




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make sure on your cut out sheets you take into consideration the width of the sawblade

I have, the first one demo of the c-o sheet was for getting a feel for it, im going to adjust everything by quarter to half inch (depending on type of cut) to get clean router flush bit tolerances also including each part in its own sheet to display actual dimensions. On parts where straight edges are and circular saw cuts are used ill only include the kerf of standard blades.

im trying to consider the people who have limited tooling (jigsaw, circular saw, router, drill) and will build it with those tools.. garage DIY

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I have an old Hand-Me-Down from my pops, which is like an early 90's craftsman.. wonder if it still has waranty (it might fall to its doom..).. but mainly router for curved edges done with a jig i bought a while ago to do a mickey mouse picture stand for some birthday way to find out if it can handle this project.. wouldnt be a bad idea to get one from harbor freight if it breaks down. Just another reason to get more tools. **shakes fist at harbor freight**

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Im making some progress on the DIY part of this.. Its going to include something along the lines of this:




Im going to make these for every major part, followed by an assembly page. I will then go and try to follow my directions and make any needed changes...


Another thing I've found is a keyboard swivel mount thing. I know its a bit spendy but it saves me a bunch of time engineering one from scratch that will be stable, part of the rig, and usable.

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WAAHOOO!!!   made my first bit of progress.. I went to the store and followed everything as my plans say.. however I couldn't find and 2x4x72" boards but there was 2x4x96... which left me a little room for error..


haha...        speaking of errors.....  


The sheet tells me to cut the 12" lengths and the 7" lengths for the monitor stand the wrong way.. I've annotated it on the sheet and I will update it for the DIY section.. 


Take a looksie!!




well, its has started.. I'm too vested to turn back now. Off to Lowes to get MDF, they just got a shipment which means, nice new sheets!!!!  I must go so the local audio shop doesn't buy all the 3/4MDF before I can get some...



And that mess is over.. This stuff is HEAVY!!! not like I remember when I was in highschool...  Anyways, its in and ready to get transfer marks.. need to setup the projector, but im lazy.,.,.,. funny how the lazy person works twice as hard... ill just measure and trace.



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Mine is s imple by comparison, but I wish I had caught you before you bought the MDF.  I used 3/4 inch on mine and after completion decided I will definitely do my next one with 1/2 inch MDF.  Like you said..., HEAVY.  Since most of my structure and bracing wi with 2x4, 1/2 MDF would have been plenty.  I'm also looking at places I can replace 2x4 with either 2x2 or 1x4 on my next build.  I have 2 heave duty wheels on the front, and a handle on the back so you can lift it and roll it around, but it is way heavier than I wanted.


Watching yours closely.  Looking really good, and I hope to learn from you as you go.  Thanks for taking the time to share with the community!



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Thanks Jerryhutcheson. Don't get me wrong, I do want something heavy duty and when the time comes I am going to add lowering casters on the inside of the sub-frame. Maybe screw drive with wooden gears or levers... that will be in the future of this build, I simply haven't the brain power for this type of thing.




I did get the sub-frame and floor put together tonight. I decided to mount it before the finishing cuts have been made. Final cuts on this layer wont be as precise (using only a jigsaw) since it will be wrapped in auto carpet... I will save the sawdust for the finer parts, better weather, and more time. As for now I need to start ordering things such as seat, TX system, Lights, carpet, and other parts I'm missing.


Without wasting anymore time of yours.. enjoy:



Slightly countersunk pilots, with 1.5" drywall screws as fasteners

Left side needs finer jigsaw work, right side 99% done




Bottom showing the frame mounted. I stood on the rear corner just to see, and I was pleasantly surprised at how strong it already is..



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Coming along nicely, snomonster.  I had the same thought with lowering casters, but haven't figured it out yet.  One thought I had on the subject was to modify a hydraulic hand jack, like they use to move pallets around a warehouse, and somehow attach it to the back.  Pump the handle to raise the back, roll it around guiding it by the jack handle and "steering" wheels under it, then pull the lever to drop it back to the ground.  I decided not to pursue it any fuurther with this first model, because it was mainly for learning.


Absolutely loving your design, and your attention to detail.  Not to mention all the extra time you are spending to take pictures and post.  I start salivating when I get an email that the thread has been updated.  :P


Keep 'em coming,



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Thanks for the support jerryhutcheson. I'm def start think about things that i didn't think about before.. the main concern.. how to assemble... I wasted a lot of time on that today..


Speaking on progress for the day.. enjoy:


Dont mind the mess, its all cleaned up and ready for some work tomorrow.


sneak peak of the outer layer of the shifter pod. (its my router template)




Its late for me, so I'm out but hope the progress update is worth it..

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so... Ive been working hard physically and mentally.. a few of the main issues are:

Steering wheel height, and seat type/height.


in the original model I was simply eyeballing the height of the steering wheel with what I believe now to be an incorrect model of a bride seat. I made the templates for the steering column and sat on some soda boxes to see how everything was fitting. needless to say it was WAY to short.. I've changed the model to be a 3" taller but it still seems to be too short.

The other concern was the seat and seat height. Original design had a 3" riser but I am afraid that will raise the seat too high. In the simplest form, I need to get a seat and mount it and see what the stance is going to be.. I do want it to be lower than a standard car and more like a GT class car but I'm not sure what that needs to be like...


All this aside, I know that side shifter pods will stay the same so I've decided to cut and mount those today as well as the rear support.






I also have a plotter that I've ploted the new template just for time saving purposes but this may change once I get the seat for the sim.




If anyone has the time, could you measure your seat. The dimensions needed are from the butt of the seat (where your but sits) to the base mounting hardware(including sliders) pref an ebay race seat or similar.


Enjoy and Thanks






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Hey Sno, if you go to the Ricmotech site and join their mailing list you can download an article on positioning your seat and controls. It was very helpful to me when I was in the design stage of building my own rig.


Just enter your info and a link to a PDF will pop up. Don't worry about getting spammed, I joined a few months back and I don't think I've gotten an email from them yet lol.  

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Hey Sno, if you go to the Ricmotech site and join their mailing list you can download an article on positioning your seat and controls.


Awesome.. This is what I've been looking for.. So it seems that without having a seat it will be hard to get these dimensions correct.


Looks like I'm taking a trip to summit and getting a seat.. Does this look like a good option?

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A quick suggestion..., If you take a hammer and chisel and head to your closest auto salvage or "pick-a-part" yard you can pretty much get the seat of your choice for around $50 to $75, and you can likely find one like new.  I got mine for $50 out of a Subaru WRX that had been totally smashed on the passenger side, but the driver's seat was like new.  Using a hammer, chisel and crowbar I was able to rip the seat from the floor board in about 20 minutes.  I still had to pay a local weld shop $50 to weld me on some brackets to mount to my 2x4 runners, but now I had a $500 seat for $100.


After getting the seat I saw a YouTube video on wiring an electric seat to the sim chassis, and sort of regretted not searching for an electric seat instead.  Maybe one with a couple of memory positions, too.


Just a couple of thoughts before you commit on a seat.


Have a good one.  

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