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Ginetta GT4 Challenge league - SIGNUP

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Some big interest already, get involved in the GT4 challenge racing over 5 rounds of British track.



signups closed - full grid


  1. Ricky Davies -Green Flag Racing
    Fredrik Aronsson - Green Flag Racing
    Carl Shaw - PowerMaxed SimRacing
    Jörn Hoormann - PowerMaxed SimRacing
    Jake Little - PowerMaxed SimRacing AM
    Dave Waldoch - Crash Test Dummies
    Jason Ashfield - Crash Test Dummies
    Darran Forde - Inside-Line-Racing
    Brendon Tills - Inside-Line-Racing
    Johan Sanders - Inside-Line-Racing JR
    Darren Docherty - A9 Race Team
    Derek robb - A9 Race Team
    Adam Myhill - Storm dogs
    Liam Sutherland - Storm dogs
    Nathan Hammond - Hamster Racing
    Gerald - Hamster Racing
    Colin Mcnally - Cam Racing
    Adam Mcnally - Cam Racing
    Thomas Kramwinkel - Euronics Gaming
    Mackis - Team Superior
    Robert Jones - Independent
    Daniel Aronsson - Independent
    Theclownsarehere - Independent
    Darren Ankney - Independent
    Theclownsarehere - Independent
    Darren Ankney - Independent
    Erwin Klaassens - Nigma Racing
    Sebastien - French Touch
    Richard Dempsey - DP151
    Lars - Dutchchef
  2. Gerald - Hamster Racing
  3. Johan Sanders -=TBP=

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