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Help with NFS Shift?

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Driving me crazy!

I got lock up's after the splash screen, before the language selection, or prior to that I got a lock up after a race, after the progress was saved.

The only way I can get this thing running (this is after a clean install) is to set it to Win98 Compatibility mode. That is, when Steam doesn't block that. Any help for this?

Steam version

System specs are as shown below

Graphics driver updated

Physx driver updated

DirectX updated

Firewall open, in case of some EA authentication strangeness

I don't get it. Clearly the game isn't built for Win98, that just shuts down some kind of service that's conflicting. When the game DOES run, in Win98 mode, performance is in the 15-20fps range, which is just ridiculous. Doesn't seem to be related to the graphical settings themselves, since performance is the same even with much lower settings. If I can run around 60fps on Dirt 2, I'm sure this game should run better. Seems like it did at some point, but I don't know what I did differently to get it running back then.

Any ideas?

This is a clean install, just re-downloaded overnight, no mods.

Being a Steam version, I assume it's got any patches issued.

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I had the retail version (still do just dont play it anymore) and it never once crashed on me and my specs are basically the same

x7750 amd dual core

6gb ddr667

GTX 260

win 7 64bit

Keep trying different drivers older and newer...I wouldnt mess with the compat modes as I didnt have to. Get your drivers back to defaults and turns some eye candy off to see if it helps. Disable all antivirus to see if that could be evil. You could go into bios and turn off caching if any is enabled.

Good luck man sucks that youre not enjoying what I thought was a pretty fun game.

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I went back to a driver from the summer:


Able to get the game going, frame rate is ok and I was able to play a quick race, watch replay and back out w/o issue. Ran a career race and once again had the hard lock after the save, while that white circular loading icon was running. Stops, whole system locks up.

I'll try another driver, keeping this as a back up. The game is a lot of fun, I just hope I don't have to use the task mgr and reboot it just to go to the next career race.

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So you get no other issues like this on any other game? Are you overclocked at all? Check your memory for errors, try unplugging any accessories you dont normally use as well or have to have to make sure its not a conflict of irq's causing it...gotta love PC's ;-)

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Yeah, the joys of pc gaming. LOL

Trying some other drivers, so far the same lock up but not after all races, just career so far. Saves progress, but during the loading icon it locks up.

Trying shutting down some other apps to see what happens, still experimenting.

This is my only issue in a long time, other games running fine.

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Making progress.

No locks so far with 2nd to latest driver:


TrackIR off

Fraps off

nHancer graphics handler off

Will try again adding those back, I started with them all off after trying this driver.

Having a heck of a fun time testing this out on a Lotus Elise invitational race. LOL

After this, I'll be looking for some mods to try, I want to get rid of the blur and bloom at least.

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Using that last driver and shutting down anything I can in processes, driver set to defaults...seems touch and go now. Sometimes run a race and no lock ups, sometimes it locks up afterward. Maybe every other race I get the problem. Will experiment more, but I do think at this point it may land in the game's area as the problem.

Got a few more ideas to try out, but at least I'm having fun with the game now. I've got settings on the wheel and the game almost right, other than peddle sensitivity on brake and clutch. Happy with my wheel settings, which are all higher than I've ever had in a game before.

Can't deny how good this thing looks, and I like seeing some favorite tracks here. If I could learn how to mod out the bloom, I might print on of these things for the wall like ISR did. The game is also 100% better with that announcer/coach guy's volume turned ALL the way down. Nice options for how to play the game, I like it.

A few oversized screenshots from a few races:




























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I miss SPA...the interiors look better than gt5 imo..but gt5 just does a better job with driving and the cars\replays...shift 2 is only 3 months away...should be awesome I hope.

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