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Thrustmaster TH8A for sale (UK) *** SOLD ***

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Hey guys, selling my TH8A which I have owned for literally a couple of weeks....and used once.....a little!!!

Why am I selling it so own fault really....I didn't look into the placement of it on my (home made) rig.....which is very F1 style like and it just doesn't work!!!! Because I'm virtually lying down when I race I can't position it to make it feel right when racing!!

And my rig and the way it's put together won't really allow me to construct anything to make it work properly!! Kinda bought it on a whim to be honest!!!

Aside from that......I'm just a down and out paddle shifter, I just don't think I'll ever really get enough use out of it to warrant keeping it!

So, decided to sell.....and put the cash towards some other sim gear, something I will use!!!

I've used this literally once....and once only....and even then only for a little play!!

So, it's still under warranty, it's completely unmarked and brand new as it should be!! Everything is still in brand new condition, including the box etc etc

Paid £125-00 for it, looking for £100 plus shipping for a quick sale

I will hold off from ebay until Wednesday, if it hasn't sold to anybody in this forum by then, I'll advertise it when I finish work on Wednesday on eBay.

PM me if you're interested, I'm located near manchester


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Hahahaha....yeah they do appear in a lot

Of my advertisements dont they?!?!?

Don't think the mrs would be too happy if i sold them!! They're her pride and joy....cost us (me!!) A small fortune!! ;)

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When I read your post, I remeberd that I have one of those.


You got me beat, I ordered TH8A the first time I caught it available on Amazon.


Took it out of box, shifted it a couple of times, never installed it and it is tucked away, still in box. Maybe one day.


I get all my stick shifting done when I drive my 2008 civic SI, man you really need to shift ALOT.

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