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F1 2015 screenshot?

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Sorry jay i assumed that you already saw them otherwise id have posted them up to you mate!see they bs'd us off again though,early in the season?june??

No be honest, I got fed up of waiting for F1 2014 and being fed bullsh*t by codies on release dates etc, with teaser trailers etc etc.

And because I'd not heard anything about F1 2015, I just hadn't bothered googling it, until the other night....and I though, let's just see where they're at....and any likely release date!,

I do like the F1 games for a bit of fun and easy jump in racing.....I totally understand how 'un-sim like' these games are...but they're still fun!!!

Not holding my breath tho for'll be delayed for sure like every other race game is!!!! When it's's here!!

But.....this does LOOK sweet!!!!

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