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Racing rig advice: GT2 Evo vs hotseat

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I did not play for the last 3 years, but my PS3 is crying to get GT5 next week.

And I'm going to buy a good rig for it. I read a bunch, and here is what I'm leaning toward so far:

- G27 (or GT3 RS V2 ?)

- Buttkicker

- GamePod GT2 Evo or HotSeat (assuming those are the best out there, money not being an issue)

2 questions:

1 - GT2 Evo or Hotseat ? Anyone tried both ?

2 - For the monitor, I could either put a 26" on the rig itself, or use the 60" wall mounted plasma that I have (but it is 4 feet off the floor). Will the experience be better with a 26 in my face, or a 60" 4 feet off the floor, couple feets away ?



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Hi m8

I would go with closer over bigger, a smaller screen closer is as big or bigger then a big screen, if you know what I mean. ;)

No shock here, I'm going with the EVO every time. I love my gt2, I like it so much I bought an EVO when that came out ;)

A buttkicker 2 is a must have item, no if or but... you need one :shock:

The evo comes with a buttkicker plate and rubber isolators so you get the rumble not the frame. Crank it up and you can make your eyes vibrate.. And that's not a joke.. :lol:


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He spams it on every single racing forum, even the fanatec wheel club, you name it he spams it.

Please ISR get one to review so this madness can end, this is four or five times he has posted this same group of vids.

You can not have a conversation on the forum about rigs without having this rubbish posted :twisted:

It's just getting silly

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