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Loving V1.25

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Hey there hotpup & Avenga,


I want to thank you both for the help on this. 


hotpup where does that download link go? Again I'm sorry I'm so dumb on this stuff! I'm just not sure exactly where to install it.


Avenga, I've got BOTH -1 still on my PC and 1 in Steam. 


You know, I still can't get some car's to install. Does it matter what car's from that you get off there? Like the 0l' Mustang it won't install for me and several other's. They sometime show up like their supposed to. BUT, NOT there to drive...???


I'm doin G00d with my Tracks I've got that down pat (I think) they All Work and I Can get them into the Sim. Hooray!!!


Thanks Again, fella's for all the help on this for me




PS: John Sabol, That is some G00d L00king screen shots of the New Version. It should draw more people to GSC-E, I would Imagine Thanks for link to it.

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Graphically this sim is not the best but the physics and driveability, in my opion, are some of the best out there. I can't believe what a great job Reiza have done with the old engine! Can't beat the price either!!

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