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Windows Vista G27 please!

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Hey I recently got an iracing subscription. I went to install the g27drivers on my computer, (rebooted pc, unpluggeeldwheel and everything) and it seems as though the driver isnt doing anything. The wheel is in sort of a lock up position, it wiggles back and forth a tiny bit but requires a ridiculous amoubt of force to turn it, also the wheel will jerk randomly before I even start driving in a test, i also cant shift properly and quickly..just throws me into neutral most times..I also saw something pop up at the bottom of my screen about how a logitech driving force and g27 usb was ready to use? Is that part of the problem?the wheel works fine on my xp machine running that liveforspeed game. So I know that it is not the wheel thats the problem..please help me out guys..i just wanna get some laps in!

Thanks in advance


When I go into the logitech driver calibration menu, this is the only time that the wheel will turn freely for me and come out of its "lock up mode" type thing. BUT when showing the degrees of rotation, I have to turn it the full 900 for it to turn 90 degrees on my screen. if I leave the driver, it goes back into lock up mode. Just trying to give as much info as I can here

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