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Old Gran Turismo fan getting started in PC sim racing needs advice

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Hi folks as the title says I used to play loads of Gran Turismo - every title and owned both the licensed Logitech wheels, GT and DF-GT.  I have played racing games on the PC before like the Shift and Grid series and have dabbled with Assetto Corsa all using the 360pad, I enjoyed them but couldn't really get into them properly because of the pad.

However I have just managed to get a G27 on sale here in the UK for £150 ($230) which is a really good price (almost half the usual UK cost), so I jumped at it lol, I have had my eye on a TM 300 or 500 but the price was just too high for me at the moment, so this G27 was an ideal bang for buck solution really.


What I'd like to know is are there any particular tips on setting the wheel up for Assetto Corsa and Raceroom Racing Experience and also if my current rig is good enough to get the best quality out of these titles and any other PC sim racing titles, it was good enough to run the older things like Shift etc just not sure about the more physics heavy actual sims, my current rig is:


i5 3570k @4ghz

8gb Vengeance Black ram

Nvidia GTX 760

WD Caviar Black hdd

On board VIA HD Audio

Running on a single 1920x180 display


I considered myself a driving god whilst banging away on the DF-GT with GT5, particularly after a couple beers lol, but as far as proper driving games go I'm a complete noob (don't even have a license lol).

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If you're not looking to upgrade your wheel and you're sticking to a single screen, your rig will run the all of the current sims ok, but don't expect to be having all the gfx eye candy switched to MAX for sure. 

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