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E-Brake Mod for PS4 with Video (USB & Wheel free)

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I've created a proof of concept(with working prototype) for an e-brake mod on the ps4 that doesn't use a USB. Since games like "The Crew" allow the player to use both a wheel and controller at the same time, and that I don't want to void the warranty on my T300; using the controller as an E-Brake seemed like the best way to go.


I did not want to use the rubber band rig up (or any other mods that aren't easy on the eyes) that I've seen on a few forums on multiple websites; I wanted a clean means of using a mod without having Frankenstein in my rig.


So I started searching for controller modifications and came up on something called a "scuf" controller.  A scuf controller is used to assign certain buttons to user install switches elsewhere on the controller (primarily used with Call of Duty, Battlefield, etc.).  


So that is where the idea of how I would do this came about.  I continued my search and found a circuit diagram for the Dual Shock 4 PCB; I identified where I needed to solder a 30g wire for the Square button and also the ground.  Went to my local Radio Shack and picked up a momentary push-button switch, 3/32 mono phone plug and 3/32 sub-mini phone jack.  The 30g wire I already had in my solder kit.  


$11 Total


Got the soldering and hot glue gun knocked out in a few minutes, ran tests each step of the way before I fully committed the parts and that's all she wrote.  Tonight I plan on making a temporary e-brake to actuate on the push-button until I find a permanent solution.


I eventually want to use magnetic sensors (akin to window security sensors) so that I won't have to worry about any tactile buttons breaking or being worn out.  I'll figure out a way to use springs and rubber washers to create some type of resistance, feedback, etc.  And the wiring would be much longer, depending on how far away/where I would mount the E-brake.


I really like this concept because when I'm done for the night or want to play some regular gaming, all I have to to do is use the quick disconnect and plop down on my couch: no worries about unraveling rubber bands, etc. 




As I write this, the only game that this will work on is The Crew (I only have The Crew and Driveclub). I'm not sure as to why The Crew, and possibly other games to come, allow the player to have both wheel and controller active at the same time.  Were it not for this feature, I would not have been able to do this mod. Well, technically I could have, but as I stated earlier that would have voided my warranty!


Post comments or questions if anyone has any; If anyone is interested I might be able to post a video of it in action.





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Update video of Mod(at one point I state that this works with DriveClub. Oops!!! Meant to say The Crew!!!). Used magnetic switches instead of momentary push button.  Eventually I wanted to use magnetic switches, but during construction both that I had bought broke! Now that I am using magnetic circuit switches, the parts will never wear out as there is no physical contact to complete the circuit (activate Square button through the controller). Having everything hooked up it works great.  Good feedback with the springs and really enhances immersive gameplay.


Total: $35.75


E-Brake = $25 on ebay (with free shipping)

Extra Spring = $0.75

Magnetic Switch = $6

Mono jack male and female = $4 (it comes in packs of two)

Wire = free-ish (I've had the wire for years)

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i think it would work on the dirt rally as well. i have tried using the wheel and the controller on my ps4 at the same time, and i managed to assign hand break as one of the buttons. now i am building one hand brake to finish the design. its kind of expensive to shit that handbrake of yours to my country. 

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Hello Sim racing lovers !

Sorry to dig up this old post but it's still interresting for new sim racers :)

I've got a PS4 Pro with a T300RS GT edition and willing to do some DIY project especially an handbrake.

This topic is quite similar to the one I've got in mind except I'm planing to get an analog handbrake.

A similar projet has already been tested succesfully on PC either using hydraulic fluid such as described here : 


or "cheapest" solution without the hydrolic fluid but just an linear pet or old pedals

So instead on wiring to a PCB button I am hoping to wire it to either the L3 or R3 pins (which are analog triggers) or one of the two analog sticks.

According to PSDEVWIKI the L3/R3 buttons are oscillating between 0 and 3.2V

So I'm not a electronician but I guess it will be possible to mock the dualshok controller...

Did you already tried that or it was not possible (so you switch back to digital handbrake with square button pin on the PCB) ?

Looking forward to your feedback

Best regards


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