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Thrustmaster Ferrari F430 review

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Warning: This product is really for casual gamers, seems like most people who buy it and play regularly break the wheel in a couple of months (even if there's a 2-year warranty!).

Issues: Theres a wire going inside the middle of the wheel rim, unprotected. Turning the wheel again and again cuts it after a while, for me, the wheel broke after four months (the right paddle and some buttons stop working).


Product: Thrustmaster F430

Date Purchased: Uh, 6 months ago.

Packaging: Correct.

First Impressions: Looks great

Performance: Interesting little wheel, but only 200-ish (Shift 2 says 220) degrees of rotation. Metal paddles, looks tough but that's the first thing that will break.
Wheel Rim Impressions: F430 replica (but smaller). Looks nice. Force feedback is great and smooth, you feel the gears but... not as much as a G27 (!) I believe (felt!) the gear teeth were smaller in the F430. A bit more noisy than a G27 though.
Buttons (placement, amount and quality): Not a lot of buttons, but there are "hidden" ones (near the paddles and on the base).
Shifters: None!
Pedals (if included): Plastic pedalboard, plastic pedal mechanism?
Used with (PC, PS3, PS4, XBox, etc): PS3, PC.
Racing titles played: Shift 2 LE + Speedhunters Pack + Legends Pack / Gran Turismo 5 XL / WRC 3. PC: GTR2 and Toca Race Driver 3 demo.
Force Feedback Settings / Suggestions: This little thing has powerful force feedback, maybe too much for its size.
Customer Service: Sent it back two months ago, from the reseller, no news yet (maybe the reseller forgot to call me), I got a G27 anyway.
Overall score (out of 5): Can't really score this... You can't get better for the price (160$?) if you are a casual gamer, playing maybe once a week, unless there are new Thrustmaster ones in the same category. Playing once a week, the wheel may effectively last two years or more.
This has only 200 degrees of steering, even if you believe, like me, that it doesn't matter since you prefer GT3/F1 cars and Ferraris or whatever, you need more degrees than that to really feel like you're driving something better than a go-kart.

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