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Your First Sim Racing Win - Post it Here !

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I have been racing on computers since the early 90's.

For this thread I count only the races with 100% race distance. Prior to the first win, there have been a lot of disappointments. Some examples:

- Papyrus' "Indy 500" on the Amiga: Hitting the wall while lapping an opponent after 158 of 200 laps in 5th position.

- Papyrus' "IndyCar Racing 2" on PC: Having gearboxfailure in comfortable lead at Cleveland after more than half of the distance.

- Ubi Soft's "F1 Racing Simulation" on PC: Blown Engine in the lead at Melbourne

and so on....

I won a lot of races in Geoff Crammond's "Formula One Grand Prix" on the Amiga. But I do not count this, because crashes did not damage the car very much, the AI was poor and steering was with a digital Joystick (with a hidden steering assist). So it was not that big challenge to be honest.

So here is the story of my first sim-racing victory:

It was in '96 or '97 short prior christmas. The game was "Grand Prix 2" on PC and I used my Thrustmaster T2 wheel with no driving aids, opponent level "ace" and off course 100% race distance. So maximum realism ;) I can't remember my grid position but it might be pole position. During the practice sessions I worked out a comfortable setup. I also had to learn the circuit (Jerez), because I didn't know it before. The race was very long and I was very concentrated all the time. When someone knocked on my door (I was a teenager living at home), I just ignored it. There was only me, my monitor and the race. It was so difficult to avoid any single mistake. The race developed very good. With constant laps and a good pit stop strategy I was able to build up a 30-seconds-lead. Short proir the chequered flag my brother entered my room and asked, if I am ready to go. Ready to go?

On this evening the christmas celebration of our local RC-Car-Club took part! I thought, that when I pause and save the game now, I might not find back into this race on the next day. So I had to decide either to go to the party or to continue (and win) this race.

I decided to end this race. It was such a big goal for me in these days to end (and win) a 100%-race in Grand-Prix 2, which I considered to be very challenging! During the last laps (with the 30-seconds-lead) I startet to think about the possible victory and how stupid it might be, to make a mistake now. You can imagine what happened? Yes, I spun! :o But I lost only 10 or 15 seconds so it was no problem to bring it home. My heart beat was increasing and finally I crossed the line as the winner :D I was so happy! I mean in this game there was no celebration sequence, nothing. Only the screen with the final results. But I was enjoying this moment so much!

That's it. ;)


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My first win was a very special win. It was my first major race entry of my iRacing career. I was running in the 120 Minutes of Thunder at Watkins Glen. I was in the 2nd Rookie Split and enjoyed every minute of it. When i noticed there was only 15 minutes left in the event, it seemed like every minute was an hour. Tried so hard to keep the DP strait and out of the wall and it was successful. Very enjoyable win and glad to be apart of the event.

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