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Racing Rig Questions

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Hi All,

I am new to sim racing and recently ordered the items listed below. As I have not yet received either item, I was wondering if anyone had any input on quality, performance. The gaming seat looked descent enough and I figured I could not go wrong with the price as building my own would have ended up costing close to the same amount if not more. As for the gaming wheel I was able to inspect it at Costco and it also looked and felt descent enough. More importantly both items offered a relatively low budget way to feel the waters and try out the hobby. As you all probably know the Ferrari 458 Spider is only for use with the Xbox one, and I have also negotiated the purchase of a craigslist Logitech g27 ($90) for pickup tomorrow. This wheel I plan to use with a high end tower pc that I already own. I feel that with the two wheels I will be able to experience both the video game and PC platform and then decide which of the two routes I want to go for a relatively low budget. All input and comments are welcomed.

Spec-D Tuning Corsa Gaming Seat Cockpit RSG-5005 - www. Newegg, $205

Ferrari 458 Spider - www.costco, $80

P.S. With the Xbox One I will use Forza 5 and with the PC I plan to try out iRacing

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