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G25 Motor Partially Seized Once Power Applied?

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Ok so I realized the problem in my other thread was the rack and pinion gear wasn't centered and I had her fixed....  Well that was before I forgot to pull the power before moving anything and the part of the PCB that has the diodes and the MOSFETs touched metal and I believe it arced.  However looking at the backside of the board there is no way anything but resistors and/or diodes could have done this.


Now here is the problem, it is very hard to turn the steering "shaft" manually, so to see if it was the gear assembly in the G25 or the motors I pulled the assembly off where you only have the motors basically.  Once I did that it was back to normal so I figured somehow I still did not have the gears lined up so I did it again.  I had the full 900 degrees back (and still do) and I plugged it back in.  Once power was reapplied it began to do the same thing where it was way too hard to move it.


I am assuming I damaged a component on the board, so I check the MOSFETs and they all read correctly on my multimeter.  Now I know that capacitors are used in many applications (such as tractors) to get an electric motor started, although that is a long stretch to compare here.


Basically can anyone give me some ideas I can check to figure out why after the unit is given power it is so hard to turn the motor?  I have no problem taking it apart and cleaning it, but is it possible I shorted the motor out?  In general I need some ideas on what components to check for failure knowing the MOSFETs are good. 


One last note, when I turned it on to check it again I got a pop with the normal electrical damage smell, I am assuming something couldn't handle the load of moving that motor. 


I will take any ideas at all because I am to the point of throwing this against a brick wall.. :-|

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