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Fixing My G25 Wheel (IR Sensors Intermittent Activity)

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Ok so I have read for hours online about ways to fix the G25 and I have done them all, but I think I just found the issue.


Problem:  Wheel will not calibrate.


I'm in Electrical Engineering (Jr) and work in IT as a Head Hardware tech part time, so opening this thing up was only natural to me.  I took out the optical sensor disc and looked it over with a magnifying glass and I couldn't find a single crack anywhere on it.  I checked that all motors were tightly screwed in and I re-centered the rack and pinion gears.  None of this did anything..


So I get frustrated and set the thing in the corner in pieces (the screws are still under my mouse pad, haha).  Well I start thinking if it is nothing physical it has to be related to something electrical.  I locate this blog post that gives some great info and if this is my problem I'll go about it how he did (although surface mount soldering is not something I do, I'm great a through hole though!)


However his symptoms did not match mine so I start thinking and buying a dang $40 brass optical wheel from Asia is not something I want to do if that is not the problem.


The IR sensors themselves!!!  Ok so you know these are IR and not visible to the eye, however if you own a PC remote like this it comes with a IR receiver that blinks a red light every time an IR signal hits it.  So I hook the IR sensor up to a 15 foot USB male to female cable and put it right next to the IR sensors on the Optical Wheel PCB and here are where my questions come.


When I activate the wheel the optical disc starts to spin I get IR activity (intermittent though) until the rack and pinion gears hit the first bump stop and then I get one more flash and then nothing after that.  In my understanding of how this should work the IR sensors should be active the entire time the optical disc is turning, correct?  This makes me believe my problem lies with the small brown PCB the optical disc sticks through. 


I am pretty sure nobody is going to be selling this small item, so what are my options here?  The only thing on that board I believe is a resistor and a capacitor besides the IR sensors.  So it would seem that all I need to know is what are those IR sensor part numbers or will any generic sensor work here?  I'm going to take it apart down to the board to see if I can find some values listed on the items, the resistor can obviously be read by the colors.  I'll post a picture or two of the board also.



Thanks for any help anyone can provide.



Confirmed that is a 150 Ohm (5%) Resistor and a Capacitor.  Nothing else on the board except the IR sensors.

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