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Which wheel/pedals to buy?

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Hey everyone.  So I had to stop sim racing about six months ago due to needing money.  I had to sell my Obutto :( and G27.  Now, I'm wanting to get back into it again.  I want to ease my way in this time, so it doesn't hit the wallet so hard.  I want to find a good affordable wheel/pedal set for starting out.  Then I plan to buy an RSeat RS1 as my rig.  The big decision now is which wheel/pedal set.  I'm not looking for a which wheel/pedal set is better necessarily cuz I believe I know the answer there lol.  I'm looking for sim racers who have personally used each wheel and their opinions of it.  My options range from real cheap to $300


Logitech DFGT, Logitech G27, Thrustmaster TX Racing wheel, or the extremely cheap and I'm sure crappy Thrustmaster Ferrari Spyder for XB1 and PC. 


I have plenty of experience with the Logitech wheels, I have owned them both before.  The drawbacks to these are the pedals on the DFGT, and no compatibilty with XB1.  I have never used thrustmaster, but know they make quality stuff.  I just don't know if I want to spend 300+ just to be able to use it for Forza 5 too.  I know the cheap thrustmaster wheel is probably the worst choice, but it's also the cheapest way to get back into sim racing and also be able to use it for Forza.


So I'm just looking for honest opinions on all these wheels, and what you would do if you were me.  I'm leaning towards the G27 or TX, again, it will just hurt the wallet a little more lol.


Thanks in advance!

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