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Used G25 vs New G27 vs ?

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OK I have a question and keep in mind I am a complete dummy.  My 12 year old son has a driving force GT steering wheel and he is constantly complaining about the lack of a clutch and a H shifter.  Currently he uses a PS3 and PC to play his games and for xmas I am going to build a racing rig (death mobile I believe) and figured I may upgrade his wheel.  I deally I think I would like to get him a thrustmaster t300rs but that is just too $$$$ so I am left with a couple options.


Used G25 on craigslist for $120

New G27 from Newegg for $191

If possible buy a shifter and a pedal set to use with the driving force gt wheel.


I am assuming the third option is not possible but have no clue.

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