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Logitech Wheel Settings - G25 G27 DFGT DFP

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I can't get the YouTube link to load. Can I find the video elsewhere? I really need some guidelines setting up my new G27. Playing with it out of the box right now and know it could be much better.

 i just got it working in Project CARS thanks to that video.


try this link

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Hey all, first post here.

I´m new to simracing and am hooked on iRacing. Really like the sim and hope to soon be able to run consistently without incidents so I can feel confident about practising and racing online with others.


As with all sims and new hardware combos getting set up can be a chore. Right now I´m experimenting with TrackIR, FOV and FFB settings. Since this post is in the Logitech forum I´ll obviously be focusing on the FFB issues I´m having. ;) I´ve been reading a lot of threads over at iRacing regarding settings, running various software for figuring out max FFB settings and so on. Honestly, pretty much all I´m getting is head ache. I´m using the DFGT which I understand has a very weak motor compared to better wheels. This seems to indicate that the maximum FFB setting in the sim should be comparatively low so that the FF produced by the wheel is not exceeded by what levels the sim tells it to use. In other words, if the sim asks for an effect of 50 but the wheel can only produce 40 the difference is lost and the user gets a non-optimum effect. By tuning down the levels from the sim the user will feel weaker effects than with more powerful wheels, but they will accurately match what the sim is trying to achieve. Max effect in sim matches max of what the wheel can produce. So, I understand the theory but I can´t figure out the actual max levels to use. Apparently this will differ between track, car and how that car is setup? If this is true there should at least be a base line that a rookie such as my self could use, let´s say the standard Maxda MX5 at Summit Point.


TLDR; For a DFGT in iRacing, what ballpark figures for FFB and FF Damping should one begin with? I couldn´t care less if the optimum value is 7 or 8, as long as I´m not using 32 when I should be somewhere around 7.


Also, for someone with no actual racing experience IRL, is it really all that important to then tweak those figures? My personal feeling is that tweaking comes pretty far behind learning to drive the friggin thing consistently as close to incident free as possible.


Best regards from Sweden


Edit: Never mind, find what I was looking for in one of the "state of FFB" in the iRacing forums. Turned out I should be in the 40 range :D

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