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[FS] Custom Thrustmaster F1 Wheel rim with SLI-Pro

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Now I have the Fanatec CSW V2 my TX is now resigned for XB1 use and this rim is wasted as you can't use the SLI-Pro display on XB1 only PC so reluctantly I feel I should put the rim up for sale.


Is anyone interested?

I'm in the UK


The Wheel started life as a brand new Thrustmaster F1 rim.

I modified it as per this thread


The changes are:

  • Added SLI-Pro display from Leo Bodnar.
  • Changed the front by adding a real carbon fibre sheet which I have made in a matt finish.
  • Added 3 Rotary switches to the SLI-Pro (from Leo Bodnar).
  • Replaced most of the switches, nothing special but better than the standard.
  • Replaced the shifter switches with Bodin switches.
  • Added hand stitched alcantara grips.

All of the buttons including the shifters use the Thrustmaster board and therefore connect via the QR - these work on PC and XB1 - The Rotary switches and the SLI-Pro have a coiled USB cable and require Fanaleds (Free software) to work and are therefore only supported on PC.


I can't say the conversion is perfect, I am an amateur, but its not at all bad and everything works very well.  I have been using it for most of the year and its been a faithful friend.


Will work on T500 and TX wheel bases.


The cost of the key parts new would be in the region of...

£100 for the F1 rim

£100 for the SLI-Pro

£35 for the rotary switches and SLI-pro cables


If interested please make me a sensible offer.




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Very cool rim.  I have a similar one that I'm considering selling as well, as for me it is button overkill and I came to learn I will likely take advantage of it while racing.  It sure is pretty though, so I don't mind keeping it in a display case.


I'm looking forward to see what this sells for; good luck with your sale!

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No thanks i'm just going to run the stock rim on XB1.


What I do want is the SLI-Pro but mounted in a dash rather than on the wheel, so if I can sell the rim as is and have enough for another SLI-Pro and the enclosure I would be happy, failing that I will just take the SLI-Pro out and be left with a fairly worthless F1 rim.


I spent loads on a Sym Projects DLC-247 dash and was just going to use that but have found that the SimDash application does not have a delta and I love that on the SLI-Pro, knowing if i'm plus or minus my best lap while in the lap.  So I'm going to have to combine an SLI-Pro and the multitude of LED's and Displays I have brought from Sym Projects.

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