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I picked up a Formula 1 wheel to play F1 2014 with on my Thrustmaster TX base, but none of the buttons are set by default since Codemasters didn't add the TX wheel base and I need to make a custom mapping.
So, I'm looking for the proper button mapping setup so I can have fully functioning wheel. I don't really know what every button should be set to in F1 2013 / 2014 game, so it makes things difficult so I'm asking for input.
Here is what I have so far.
1. shift down
2. shift up
5. DRS
10. KERS
13. Start / pause button
Knob that turns up and down
Knob that turns up and down
Second D-Pad (not sure what I should use it for)

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Share on other sites Ricky said.....I just map them to what makes me comfortable, for example I use button 3 to look behind me as it's easily accessible whilst I'm racing....I use the second dpad to access the quick menu (brake settings, fuel settings etc)

It really is upto you.....but yeah, a bit frustrating that codies have yet again not included the TX as a default wheel!! They didn't include it in GRID AUTOSPORT when the F1 rim is on either!!!! Meaning you have to manually map the wheel buttons every single time you want to play it with the F1 rim!!!!

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Hey guys, I just picked up a TX wheel and the F1 rim.  I'm able to manually set F1 2014 to recognize the buttons, wheel and pedals, but can't get Force Feedback to work at all.  Have you had any luck with it?

I get great FFB with my F1 I'm guessing its a setting you have

wrong!!! unless your wheel is knackered that is!!!!

I'll check my settings and come back to you buddy

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Thanks, I'd appreciate it!  Ended up getting a bit of feedback messing with the Damper setting but that was diminished when I adjusted the allowable degrees of rotation down to better suit the F1 car.  Not quite sure what I'm missing there...

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F1 wheel needs to be in "Normal" mode then F1 2014 sees the Wheel as Thrustmaster TX. F1 games don't need all the extra button mapping "Advanced" mode offers you so that is why you need to be in normal mode.


Below is the settings I use. Codemasters degrees of rotation (DOR) is 270 that is why you need saturation at 70%. I'm also including the actionmap file. Save original and replace with this one. It will take care of the in Game Advanced settings along with custom button mapping.


TX Profiler
Rotation: 900
Overall Strength: 75
Constant: 100
Periodic: 100
Spring: 0
Damper: 0
Auto-Center: by Game

Force feedback settings = 50/80/50

Advanced Options:
Steering Deadzone: 0%
Steering Saturation: 70% (270/900 = 30%) 100%-30% = 70%
Steering Linearity: 0
Throttle Deadzone: 0%
Throttle Saturation: 0%
Brake Deadzone: 0%
Brake Saturation: 0%

Thrustmaster TX.xml

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