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Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel User Reviews

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This thread has been created for you the end user of a Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel to post your thoughts, impressions and overall review of this item just like if you bought it on Amazon and posted a review on their site. This thread is for REVIEWS ONLY !  All other posts and or replies will be deleted. 


We'd also like you to rate this thread to score your product and it will hopefully give this wheel an overall community score. Please don't rate the thread unless you own this product, rate your hardware so that others can get an idea of how this product scores by hearing how it performs for you.  You can rate the wheel by clicking on the stars in the upper left of this thread. We know the score won't be perfect because anyone with a wheel or not can score it so put your score in the post as well.


I've also provided a template for your review to fill in the blanks or you can create one from scratch on your own. Help the community decide if this is a product they would like to purchase based on your feedback!  - Thanks




Date Purchased:




First Impressions:

Wheel Rim Impressions:
Buttons (placement, amount and quality):
Pedals (if included):
Used with (PC, PS3, PS4, XBox, etc):
Racing titles played:
Force Feedback Settings / Suggestions:
Customer Service:
Overall score (out of 5)

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Product: Thrustmaster TX Wheel


Date Purchased: December 2012


Packaging: Horrible, the company I bought the wheel from, Beach Audio, shipped it in the Thrustmaster box only, which was significantly damaged in shipment.


First Impressions: Very good, although I did not like the cheap feeling rim and pedals.  The strength of the FFB from the base, however, blew me away, it was so smooth and strong.

Performance: Amazing.  The FFB is so strong, yet smooth.  I can feel everything the car is doing.  In Forza Horizon 2, for example, the offroad racing feels great, plenty of feedback through the wheel.
Wheel Rim Impressions: The stock rim is cheap plastic.  I immediately upgraded to the GTE rim add-on, which looks and feels much better.
Buttons (placement, amount and quality): Fine, no complaints as to either the stock rim or the GTE add-on rim.
Shifters: The paddle shifters feel good on both the stock rim and the GTE add-on rim.  They have a nice click to them.
Pedals (if included): Adequate, barely.  There is no progression in the brake.  I immediately started using my T500 pedals with a Basherboard stiff brake mod.  They are much better than the included pedals.
Used with (PC, PS3, PS4, XBox, etc): Xbox One and PC
Racing titles played: Xbox One - Forza 5 and Forza Horizon 2  PC - iRacing, rFactor 2, Project CARs and Assetto Corsa
Force Feedback Settings / Suggestions: For Forza 5, since the latest patch, I use 100 in game for strength and I adjust the DOR depending on the car so I get enough feel around center.  I use 900 DOR as the default for many cars, including slower cars.  I use 360 DOR for prototypes, classic F1 and IndyCar and 270 DOR for F1 cars. For Forza Horizon 2, I use 90 in game for strength and set DOR to 900.  In PC games, in driver, I use 100 for overall forces and all other settings and then adjust in sim.
Customer Service: Responsive, they got me a replacement base very quickly when my first base failed.
Issues: I had problems from the get go where the wheel would simply not calibrate.  I ended up doing some firmware flashing and that fixed the problem for a while.  A couple of months ago the problem resurfaced and Thrustmaster sent me a replacement base, which has worked perfectly.
Overall score (out of 5) 4 out of 5, primarily because of reliability issues, and the mediocre rim and pedals.  When the wheel works, with a good rim like the GTE and some quality pedals, like the T500 pedals with Basherboards mod, its hard to beat the feel and performance of the TX.  I might even like it better than my T500.  Almost.   :cool:

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Product: Thrustmaster TX


Date Purchased: July 2014


Packaging: Doubled boxed by amazon along with GTE rim


First Impressions: Wanted to throw the G27 out the window after using the TX

Performance: Extremely SMOOTH... 
Wheel Rim Impressions:  I like the stock rim, i just wished it weighed more, but I use the GTE rim exclusively. 
Buttons (placement, amount and quality): All good spots, no complaints.
Shifters: Paddles on the GTE rim and stock 458 rim are really good. However I used the g27 shifter, now use the TH8A.  Buy at TH8A!
Pedals (if included):  Used them on xbox one only (not pc was using g27 pedals) until I got CPX adapter and CSPV2.  The pedals are garbage, throw them in the closet and get T3PA or CPX+CSPV2
Used with (PC, PS3, PS4, XBox, etc): PC and Xbox One
Racing titles played: FM5, FH2, iRacing, AC, Grid Autosport, Dirt 3
Force Feedback Settings / Suggestions: turn linear off in iRacing and I run this on the profiler for all games. I could be wrong but feels good to me. f2iR1wpl.png
Customer Service: Never used them, (did for th8a but that's not relevant here)
Issues: It never is on center with GTE rim (known issue) UNPLUG THE WHEEL FROM PC. TURN THE WHEEL ALL THE WAY TO THE LEFT AND PLUG BACK IN PC TO CENTER WHEEL. minor inconvenience 
Overall score (out of 5): 4, would be a 5 if the rims were bigger. ie: Fanatec's rim size. that's my only complaint is that the rims are TOO small...i'd like a bigger rim for more of that real car feel. 

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Product: Thrustmaster TX


Date Purchased: Used but almost new. Feb 2013


Packaging: Poor low quality, designed for children


First Impressions: Great base unit, truly terrible 458 rim, if I was below 12 years old then it would be acceptable. Very poor quality rim compared to G27

Performance: Force feedback & feel is outstanding, smooth & strong. I replaced the 458 rim with a real Momo and this transformed the product from a toy to something I enjoy using & owning. So much better than the G27!
Wheel Rim Impressions: Truly terrible, made me want to sell the unit! Too small, poor quality materials. Garbage....
Buttons (placement, amount and quality): Never used, poor quality...
Shifters: N/A
Pedals (if included): Truly terrible, made me want to sell the unit! Designed for kids 6 > 10 years of age. Garbage....
Used with (PC, PS3, PS4, XBox, etc): PC
Racing titles played: iRacing, AC, Project Cars, Grid, Grid Autosport, Dirt 3, F1
Force Feedback Settings / Suggestions: 
Customer Service: None required
Issues: None
Overall score (out of 5) 4
Even though I hate the standard rim & pedals, it's worth the money for JUST the base. Swap the rim, buy Fanatec clubsport V2 pedals and you have a really great setup.

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Product: Thrustmaster TX 458 Italia Racing Wheel


Date Purchased: September 14, 2014


Packaging: It's Amazon so it was packaged very good


First Impressions: The unit looked good but you could tell the stock rim was not very good

Performance: Not very good so far. I can't figure out how to set it up but I'll cover that elsewhere. I had a Fanatec GT2 before the TX and it was light years ahead of this wheel. SO FAR
Wheel Rim Impressions: I like the thickness of the stock rim but not the plasticky feel
Buttons (placement, amount and quality): Not bad on the unit itself. I had a GTE rim that I got at the same time as the base. It's buttons took some time getting used to what did what.
Shifters: I would like the sound of the clicks to be lower (GTE rim) but that's just me being very picky
Pedals (if included): Stock pedals are horrible. The brake pedal feels like it's made totally out of marshmallows. I now have T3PA's that I think I'm going to switch the stock brake pedal pad onto the T3PA's to have a wider brake pedal
Used with (PC, PS3, PS4, XBox, etc): Xbox One
Racing titles played: Forza 5
Force Feedback Settings / Suggestions: Not right now because I don't understand why the cars feel so bad. My settings don't look that much different from what Darin shows in the videos but I just can't get the cars to handle correctly
Customer Service: Haven't had to use it yet
Issues: I think the wheel spins way too fast on startup and when you use rewind. I don't think it's very good long term wise for the wheel to spin so fast and then slam onto it's stops. That has to put a lot of wear and tear on the unit. That might be the reason for a lot of the failures that you hear about. I sent an email to Thrustmaster about it but they never responded
Overall score (out of 5) As it stands right now 2. Hopefully I can get some guidance on what to change to ease my frustration and that score will go up.

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Product: Thrustmaster TX 458 italia racing wheel


Date purchased: 1-2 weeks before Christmas 2014


Packaging: Box was a fair size, product were securely and tightly contained


First impressions: (This was the first force feedback racing wheel ever bought) Wheel rim and pedals seemed a little cheap, too much plastic. ONLY METAL on both items: Pedal plates and shifter paddles. The base was impressive, rather heavy, but sign of metals components and large motor on inside.


Performance: (Base/Wheel impressions/button quality/shifter/pedals)

-The force feedback was extremely fluid.

-Vibrations were very good

- Force feedback was affected by degrees of rotation set (180, 360, 720, 900), the higher the degrees, the lower the feedback, never felt quite strong enough over 720 degrees.

- Pedals were alright, I am not too picky abought having a really stiff break pedal, but even so I would have liked the break pedal to be much stiffer.

-Pedals would tend lean sideways a little bit when not pressed absolutely in dead center (not going straight back when pressed, they would rub against one side or the other of encasing on each side) 

-Wheel grip was alright, could have been a little more comfortable, wheel could have also been a little thicker

-Buttons on wheel could have been of higher quality, The start button (acting as D pad) fell out off the wheel, had to glue it back in, no problems with it afterwards

-Metal paddle shifter were pretty good, had a nice click

-Absolutely hatted the fact that you need click little yellow button and the D-pad "Start" button every time I started a session to constantly adjust my degrees back to one preferred. Also found that if you changed them once in the game you had to go to the settings menu to change the degree settings as well due to some sort of miscommunication between the wheel and the game.


Used with: Xbox ONE


Racing titles played: Forza Motorsprt 5, Forza Horizon 2


Force feedback suggestions/ setting: Set the force feedback settings very high, vibrations high as well. Would suggest running wheel at 360 and 720 degree settings. Make sure you adjust the degree settings on the wheel before loading the game.


Customer service: N/A


Issues: No major issues than the D-pad "Start" button falling out.


Overall score /5: Would give the wheel/pedals/base a 2.5/5, due to the "cheapness" of the pedals and rim. Alone would give the base a 4/5, due to the very fluid feel


Extra notes:

-I had previously bought a Thrustmaster 458 spider wheel, with no force feedback and a limited rotation of 240 degrees, but at a fifth of the price. The pedal performance and rim performance (rim not removable) were the same as the TX and I found though the lack of force feedback was a downside for a game like Forza Motorsport 5, the wheel was great for more "arcadier" games like Forza horizon 2 **(I am not saying that Forza horizon 2 is an arcade game, but I do believe it is in the simcade category)

-I currently also own a Logitech G27 (Not available on Xbox platform), I bought the wheel slightly used and find its performance to be far superior. Everything is better on that wheel except for the fluidity and vibrations. The Thrustmaster TX has a weaker but much more fluid force feedback, but as mentioned earlier this changes depending on degrees of rotation set, the vibrations are rather rough and imprecise on the G27, but are extremely good on the TX. 

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Product: 458 Tx base and rim


Date Purchased: 2015


Packaging: Good


First Impressions: Coming from fanatec CSR the base is larger but rim is smaller.  Good overall feel and weight.

Performance: Better than expected. Very smooth pressure build up under car loading, however is is important to have the wheel rotation angle set properly per car for excellent feedback. However it did have a major flaw. soon after I had upgraded the firmware and had about 10 hours on the XB1 i got the dreaded no contact/sync failure where it would partially rotate and then lose connection.  inspection found that the the break-away cable had an internal short, ( should bot have a break away cable on a base that needs to be mounted) I removed the stock cable and re soldered a new full USB cable back to the CB. Have had zero issues with connections since then. Also It is a slight pain that I can not adjust the setting digitally like I am used to with the fanatec wheel, however I understand that they wanted to keep the price down somewhat.
Wheel Rim Impressions:  see above.
Buttons (placement, amount and quality): NA
Shifters: NA
Pedals (if included):  Pedals.  Thrustmaster dropped the ball with the pedal set supplied with such a good base. they feel cheap besides the pedal faces and for anyone used to a good set of pedals the brake is a nightmare with no resistance or proper feel.  Good Modification ideas are available here in the forums and I highly recomend trying one of them in order to get that pedal more functional if an upgrade is not in the cards.  
Used with (PC, PS3, PS4, XBox, etc): XB1
Racing titles played: Forza 5, future titles
Force Feedback Settings / Suggestions: NA
Customer Service: ok
Overall score (out of 5)

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Product: Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition


Date Purchased: April, 2014


Packaging: Good, and boxed well by Amazon


First Impressions: Heavy, solid wheel base, with beefier components than my prior wheel, a Fanatec CSR.  Wheel seemed cheap and plasticky, but as I had ordered the GTE wheel, wasn't particularly concerned.  Wasn't using the pedals, so also unconcerned about those.  First uses really impressed me compared to my CSR and prior G27.

Performance: Excellent overall performance from this wheel.  Strong, smooth motor, with none of the cogging or slipping effects I felt in the G27 and CSR, respectively.  More FFB than I really need at times, so I tend to keep them dialed down to about 25-30% in iRacing (which is what I used most of the time).  I can really feel the road effects clearly and am much more consistent in my lap times and at catching slides (still can't catch them all, though!).
Wheel Rim Impressions: See above. Not impressed with the feel or weight of the base rim, but was not a concern since I'm not using it.
Buttons (placement, amount and quality): N/A
Shifters: The GTE paddle shifters are great - very positive and solid feeling.  
Pedals (if included): N/A - I don't use them
Used with (PC, PS3, PS4, XBox, etc): PC only.
Racing titles played: iRacing, PCARS, F1 2012, RFactor 2
Force Feedback Settings / Suggestions: About 75% in the profiler.  In iRacing - about 25-30% in game.  
Customer Service: No issues with this wheel to date, but I've had decent customer service from TM in the past in dealing with my TH8RS shifter - they sent me a new PCB to fix a broken shifter at no charge.
Issues: Had trouble updating the firmware, but got it sorted out, and have not had any hardware issues to date.
Overall score (out of 5): I'd have to give this wheel a 5, as it's the best wheel I've used to date.  Strong, smooth and consistent.  I haven't used a DD wheel yet, and that will be in my future, but for now I really like this wheel a lot.  I wish there were more rims made that could use the native PS2 connector for buttons, but oh well.

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Product:Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia TX Racing wheel. 


Date Purchased: April 28th For my First wheel, Refunded by Square Trade Warranty and bought Second August,21st. 


Packaging: Efficient and to the point. 


First Impressions: The wheel looks good, ergonomically designed, the pedals are ugly and cheap looking. 

Performance: The feel is good, the FFB strength is very strong, however I'm going to be on my 3rd wheel soon. 
Wheel Rim Impressions: The rim is nice, has a good grip, good design, but I prefer the GTE Ferrari Challenge add-on rim. Worth the Xtra $$$
Buttons (placement, amount and quality): The stock Ferrari 458 wheel is cleverly designed, but I prefer the GTE add on rim. The button placement on that is perfect. I love the feel of the buttons on that rim. The stock rim is ok. 
Shifters: Paddle shifters are really good. Better than Fanatec, and old MS Wheel. I use the GTE Ferrari challenge rim and the pedals are awesome and feel great. 
Pedals (if included): pretty cheap looking, and un-adjustable. I am coming from the CRS US pedals which had adjustable spring tension and these pedals.. there are only 2, are all plastic except for the metal covers on the pedals. Visually the weakest part of the group. 
Used with (PC, PS3, PS4, XBox, etc): Xbox1
Racing titles played:Project Cars
Force Feedback Settings / Suggestions: Better set the Tire Force low for Project Cars. 2 wheels burned up already. 
Customer Service: The worst Experience I've ever had with any company ever.... And I've dealt with Fanatec. 
Issues: Will be on my 3rd wheel when....if it ever arrives from Thrustmaster. 
Overall score (out of 5) 1 Based on Customer service. The Add-on's are nice. Quality sucks. 
Update: Received the replacement base for my Second wheel that lasted 3 hours. After 2 hours of using the wheel only spins back and forth and does not recognize any movement. 

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