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DIY racingseat build

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Hi all in the ISR community, nice to join you here!


I'm just about to get real serious about sim racing and have a few questions on setting up my racing gear.

I have my new Thrustmaster TX wheel mounted on a desktop and pedals are drilled onto a box which gets them up on a nice level, so thats all good for now.


I plan to buy a real racing seat form a local store(In Sweden) to use for my racing setup. Now to my question, I need to raise the seat up on some kind of construction that gets it to a proper height about 20-30cm of the floor. What can I use to mount the racing seat on? it doesnt need to be anything advanced since my wheel and pedals are already mounted, just to get the seat up and secured nicely.


I would really like to know what kind of metalbars that Darin uses for his main rig, I believe he calls it the "franklin rig" or somthing simular? I would like to get some of those, in a square-constuction under the seat and the drill it and secure it to the rails underneath the seat.


Answers are much appreciated! 





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