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"That'll buff out Gabriele"


My dad watched the BTCC on Grandstand, so I'd watched it from when I was 5 or 6. 1994 was the first time I'd experienced it for real. I can still remember the excitement of actually seeing these superstars for the first time in the flesh! (cheering on Cleland obviously)


I don't get quite as excited about it these days however!

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First experience was seeing Rydell in the 850 Sedan in '95 when the race at Brands was broadcasted in Sweden (shortened replay version but still) :)


Lets just say that this put an un-forgettable flavour to the BTCC and ST's in general :P






From Oulton Park in 1997, when Tarquini goes off at Lodge on the 2nd lap after the safety car for the crash of James Thompson at Old Hall on Lap1. 


Tarquini - Arko prido margero! Porka Madonna!


Walker - And that is Italian Roadrage!


Swedish version


Main Commentator - "Ugh by the powers!" or how should we translate that?


Expert - Nah, I don't think so Janne, that's in completely different worlds...




At the same meeting, Kelvin Burt has his second massive crash at Oulton in 2 years (Oulton Park deffinitely didn't like him) as he understeered just a tad bit at Old Hall, took to the grass and the car went into the rightside wall at quite some speed... 




At a later meeting the same year BTCC had one of its, from what I've been able to remember, few red flags as they went to Croft and drove in differing conditions. 


First Tarquini went wide at T5 and hit the wall after first taking to the grass and on the restart Thompson went off at the same spot but requiering extraction help and therefore the race was ended early, handing the Nissan Primera it's, if I remember correctly, only podium result of that year in the hands of the late, great, David Leslie. 




Now I'm done with my walk down memory lane :P


Will be looking forward to this  :mrgreen:

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I can't be the only one who played TOCA2 like crazy? 15 years later and you're stuck in the same old cars!

Me and Mr C were discussing our tales of the team championships in TOCA2 last night. Why can't they do a remake of it! Hopefully this will be it :mrgreen:

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