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Fanatec GT2 supported in Grid Autosport!?

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Hi All,

This is my first post on ISR & I'm experiencing problems trying to establish some workable in-game wheel settings for my Fanatec GT2 in Grid Autosport on xbox360 - this appears to be a recurrent issue for many of us playing this title on consoles regardless of the wheel manufacturer- Fanatec, Logitech & Thrustmaster all seem to appear in the forums as being problematic to set up with this Codemasters game.

Does anyone have a solution to help with a huge dead zone & imprecise FFB - I have tried any number of different in-game settings to establish a good working benchmark but without success - I've also tried re-flashing the wheel's firmware to v756 from the standard v681,(something I've not had to do before to achieve compatibility with a racing game) but again, without success. The only way I've been able to minimize the effect of the dead zone is to increase the wheel weight setting in-game but this dampens the responsiveness excessively & doesn't offer a positive fix as the wheel becomes incredibly dull.

I've read elsewhere that the PS3 version appears to offer better wheel compatibility but whether this includes my GT2 I don't know - perhaps someone here has experience of this?

Ironically, I checked the Codies blog before buying the game & the GT2 wheel was listed as being supported but that doesn't match with my experience so far.

Any advice would be most welcome!

Cheers      :smile:

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Try these setting's, I found them in another forum. I've got a GT2 wheel but, I don't run the Grid stuff or consoles anymore.  I hope this helps you out. :D


Feedback 80
Wheel strength 80
Wheel weight 20

Steering dz 0
Steering sat 95
Lin 0
Thrott dz 0
Thrott sat 100
Brake dz 5
B sat 60

Sensitivity (SEn): 
Force feedback strength (FF): 
Vibration strength (Sho): 
Drift mode (dri): 
Linearity (Lin): 
Deadzone (dEA): 
Spring (SPr): 
Damper (dPr): 

Works really well om gt2 and csr. Throw the car around and easily correct with countersteer. Enjoying the game with these settings

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Thanks for the suggested wheel settings.

I ran the GT2 with Forza 4 & GT6 after updating the wheels firmware to v756 (I needed a break from the frustration of GA) & found that it had compromised the FFB characteristics so I've gone back to v681 which allows to wheel to work well with these two games. That still leaves me with the Grid Autosport issues & unfortunately I'm still experiencing the same dead zone & FFB vagueness despite trying these new settings - I wonder if it's worth trying the PS3 version (I don't have a PC) in the hope of better wheel support?


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