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Really sorry to double-post here, but I have a question about the driver situation: can I have one driver in a car for half the season and another in it for the other half, or is that not allowed?


Just to follow-up Chris' answer, allocations are not based on car or team entries (like GPV), they are based on drivers themselves. So yes, you could have that, but the provisos listed by Chris apply.

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As long as the new driver hasn't driven for another 2 car team then that's allowed. Well they can race for you still but wouldn't score team points...


But if the grid is full any driver joining half way through the season will find themselves on a reserve list or division 2 if there is one


Just to follow-up Chris' answer, allocations are not based on car or team entries (like GPV), they are based on drivers themselves. So yes, you could have that, but the provisos listed by Chris apply.


Thanks for the info. :)

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Wauters Automotive is looking to join the 2015 VCC season and is looking for two committed and capable drivers. 
You will join an enthusiastic team with two full seasons of simracing experience, that is still looking to improve and widen it's horizon. 
If you want more info about who we are and what we do, the best place to start is our facebook page: 

If you like driving for a team where commitment is valued and support is plentiful, send me a PM and tell me why you would be the perfect driver for us, i'll be glad to have a chat. ;)

Kind regards


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PreQualification will then take place at Kinnekulle Ring between 31 October 00:00GMT & 02 November 23:59GMT.


You can check the progress of times via


The server is called TouringProSeries VCC, with IP


Dependent on numbers, each server will total 32 drivers. There must be at least 60 entries confirmed before a second server will be considered and 90 for a third server etc. PreQualification will determine the line-up of the servers for the first event only. Those who do not qualify for a server are still able to race, but are placed on a reserve list, in prequalification order, ready to take the place of any absent qualified drivers.

Each section of the 32 drivers will be placed in order of their prequalification into each server. Any driver who qualifies outside the size of the servers allocated (be it 32 or 64 or 96) or does not set a time will be placed on the reserve list to take the place of any driver who is absent for any reason. If there is a tie for any place, then the driver who completed the least amount of laps will be favoured. If this is still a tie, the driver who set the time first will be favoured.

  • The PreQualification server will be implemented with a Live Timing system, where drivers can check their times and their positions against their rivals throughout the prequalification in real time
  • PreQualifying does not absolutely guarantee your place in the season; previous commitment (or lack of it) will be taken into account.​


Server allocations from after round one onwards will be set by the championship standings - the top 32 drivers in the overall championship prior to an event will compete in group one for each event, this is made possible by an overlap in the divisional points. In case of absence, drivers will move up in championship order from group two to group one, and from the reserves to group two, etc etc. In event of a tie of points (drivers on minus points are classed as equivalent to 0), PreQualification results, then a driver's best result will be used to determine their allocation position. If there is a still a tie, the date of sign-up will be the final deciding factor.

There is an exception to this rule however. Drivers who finish inside the top 16 during prequalification will be immune from relegation to group two, regardless of championship standings, until after round two. Those who prequalify in the top 8 will be exempt from relegation for the first three rounds.






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If there is a team or an independent driver who needs a livery for this championship, I can help.


I have painted a lot of cars over the years, for example the default skin of this championship. Some other designs can be found here:


There are only 2 conditions: The first one is that I get a little bit of artistic freedom, and the second one is that you actually use the livery in the league. Just PM me if you are interested. :)


Edit: Thanks for the messages! Optimum SimRacing, EKT Portugal and of course THR will drive with Shark Skins this season! :)

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THR present their cars and drivers for the 2015 Virtual Carrera Cup.




The last VCC season has been tough for THR. There was a lot of promise shown, for example by Chris Butcher at the Norisring, by Toby Davis in Ledenon or by David Jundt at Jyllandsringen. But when you look at the results, we must admit that this league was a massive disappointment. The THR teams placed 14th, 15th and 16th overall, we did not win a race, and David was the only driver who managed to get into the top 10 overall.


Now, we could just look past it and focus on all other TPS championships, where we are still extremely successful. But that's not our style. THR is all about competition, and after being defeated it is time to stand up and attack again. And for our attack, we have chosen 5 drivers.




THR Red will consist of two of our most experienced drivers, Chris Butcher and David Jundt.

Chris Butcher had a very frustrating last season. Remember, after the first round at Monza he was leading the championship but a few weaker rounds followed and a race-ending incident with Marius Golombeck at Norisring broke his spirit. Nonetheless, Chris is extremely fast in these cars, and he has something left to prove in this championship.

David Jundt was our best placed driver last season, finishing in 7th place overall. David enjoyed some strong races especially at Jyllandsringen, but his qualifying pace usually let him down. However, David managed to stay in shape in these cars, finishing 2nd in the GPVWC Porsche championship, just a few points behind Jesper Taulborg. His wet weather experience in these cars might help him as well.


THR Orange is formed by Chris Hack and Ross McGregor

Last VCC season, Chris Hack was still in Core Racing, and he showed what he can do in these cars. Two podiums and a 5th place in the standings were the results. Since then, Chris went on to join THR and in his first season, the Virtual Clio Series, he immediately won the championship.

Alongside him is his good friend Ross McGregor. Ross and Chris have been practicing together for various leagues already, and now they are teamed up under the THR umbrella. During the last VTM season, Ross showed his tremendous potential. We hope of course that he can convert this potential into even better results with THR, and take the same route that Chris Hack, Alexander Lauritzen and Adrian Holm have taken.


THR Blue consists of the very lonely Joonas Raivio.

Joonas will make his debut in the Porsches, but the Finn has already shown his talent in TPS. Especially in the 2013 V8 Supercars, he showed extremely good pace. In VTM Classic, he was very fast in his Alfa Romeo, but also a bit wild. So wild that his season came to an early end because he scored too many strikes on his license. Now he comes back to TPS, and we believe he can become one of the main players in this league.




Some stats to round it off:


Chris Butcher:

Last VCC season: 16th, best result 3rd

Overall TPS stats: 212 races, 24 wins

Red car, black mirrors, #5


David Jundt:

Last VCC season: 7th, best result 5th

Overall TPS stats: 139 races, best result 3rd

Red car, red mirrors, #6


Chris Hack:

Last VCC season: 5th, best result 3rd

Overall TPS stats: 66 races, 4 wins, 1 driver championship (VCS 2014)

Orange car, black mirrors, #82


Ross McGregor:

Last VCC season: 40th, 3 wins in Division 2

Overall TPS stats: 44 races, 4 wins

Orange car, orange mirrors, #3


Joonas Raivio:

Overall TPS stats: 31 races, best result 2nd

Blue car, blue mirrors, #8


All images are done by Aurora Designs.


Visit THR on Facebook.

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We introduce to TPS, The "Talleres Motorsport"
"Talleres de Cordoba" is one of the most popular footballs team of Argentina,
we got a big crowd and proudly one of the biggest Flag in the world...
in this VCC edition the drivers Tonga Guardia and Nico Barclay, wants to take the experience of TPS...

we see you all on track!!!!!












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Enterprise GP isn't afraid. Our aim is to become a championship winning team and for that you need the right mentality. We pick the best drivers we can find, we never underestimate the competition and no team (no matter the reputation) is unbeatable. 


To this extent, we head into our first TPS series knowing that we may face the greatest competition for points we have ever had to face and this is why the drivers accompanying Enterprise are top quality and mightily fast. Kevin Siggy is no stranger to TPS and took part in the 2013/14 Virtual Carrera Cup. Though his results perhaps weren't that big to shout about, over the course of 2014 he has improved mightily as a tin top driver and has proven time and again that he can now mix it with the most established of front runners. Pairing up with Kevin is young Spaniard talent Fran Lopez who, like Kevin, has improved an awful lot over the course of 2014 and will look to equal if not better his Austrian friend. 


Though we are outwardly competitive, Enterprise is also a closely knit and friendly team. We know our goals and we all know how our long term futures are looking well into 2015. We hope that we can be welcomed into the TouringProSeries family and make a positive impact in this hugely successful league!




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