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Notes for the drivers

  • On the opening lap, the natural funnel point will be at T2, which is bumpy, don't shove your way through!
  • This track demands absolute respect from the drivers, failure to give it this respect will result in a spun vehicle. Make sure you are consistent!
  • Be careful about overtaking at the hairpin near the end of the lap (T9), it's downhill run and unsettling approach make it tricky.
  • Remember the safety and enjoyment of 40 other drivers is worth more than just your own.
  • Preparing fully for this event is part of showing respect to your fellow competitors.
  • You are not expected to wait for another driver should you be at fault in an incident. However, should you choose to wait (to avoid being reported post-race and/or escape endorsements) then do so in a safe position and within a lap of the incident. Accidents caused by drivers waiting in dangerous areas will be penalized severely.
  • The staff will investigate all lap one incidents and any observed on the live broadcast - but aside from that, any incident needs to be reported within 72 hours for the staff to be able to review it - it is also fair to say that lap one incidents will be dealt harsher penalties then those during other parts of the race due to the potential for damage involved.
  • May I remind you of the TPS Rules & Regulations.


Formation Lap Details
Virtual Carrera Cup will feature a formation lap, with a subsequent standing start, at all races. Guidelines are as follows:

  • Weaving, hard braking, hard acceleration and general tyre warming behaviour is allowed, but be careful while doing so. There is nothing so frustratingly stupid than ruining yours and other's races on the formation lap.
  • rFactor will notify you of the formation lap.
  • Anybody who spins out during the formation lap will be able to resume their position but must be extremely cautious while moving back through the field, flashing their lights if necessary. This is the only time excessive flashing of lights may be used.
  • The leader's speed may not exceed 130kph/80mph during the formation lap, and cannot dip below 80kph/50mph for any extended period of time.
  • Drivers are asked to keep a reasonable distance to/from the car ahead.
  • The formation lap is not part of the race distance, so factor this into your fuel requirements
  • As you come round to the grid at the end of your formation lap, your grid slot will be marked by a red square, make sure to hit your marks as accurately as possible.
  • The race will not start until all cars are lined up correctly.
  • For those waiting, there is no message to inform that the race is beginning, so keep your attention firmly on the start lights.


Track Boundaries:

  • Track boundaries at Eastern Creek are the default TouringProSeries rules, which can be read via the link above, article 6.3.
  • Kerbing which may be used is indicated by the red and white kerbing textures, and include the grey runoff found outside some corners.

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Attendance update

  1. Drivers withdrawn from series for failure to report absence for Oran Park: Danny Asbury, Daan Ferron, Lorenzo De Ciutiis, Luka Oslakovic
  2. Drivers with late reports from a maximum of three: Tobias Olsson (1), Chris Butcher (1), Kevin Angwyn (1), Nico Barclay (1), Janko Glavac (1)
  3. Drivers removed after exceeding reports: Thomas Hinss, Oskari Kantonen

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Round Entry List
If your name appears in the allocation below, you are expected to show up for the race. If you cannot race you must sign-out in the Absence Report thread here at least by 23:59GMT of the day before the race. You run the risk of being expelled from the league if this is not carried out. At midnight of the day of the race, this list is finalised.


Main Entry List:

  1. Assuncao F
  2. Heesterbeek R
  3. Siggy K
  4. Hack C
  5. Brugman L
  6. McGregor R
  7. Butcher C
  8. Jundt D
  9. Bryson B
  10. Rodrigues P
  11. Sovik S
  12. Glavac J
  13. Waring A
  14. Peklaj L
  15. Brewster C
  16. Nyring C
  17. Kappet R
  18. Henneberg P
  19. Taplin R
  20. Olsson T
  21. Kiss B
  22. Cardoso M
  23. Bass E
  24. Holm A
  25. Jacobs T
  26. Vandevenne D
  27. Angwyn K
  28. Richards M
  29. San Andres J
  30. Antonia P
  31. Palmer L
  32. Amaral P
  33. Guardia T
  34. Bell M
  35. Barclay N
  36. Allington M
  37. Middleton C
  38. Costales P
  39. De Fre N
  40. Teichmann M
  41. Tveit E

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My chances of being home on time are looking slim to none as i've got to head up to shop at Silverstone to collect all my gear for the following weekend and come back via a detour to pick up a set of wheels..and at least 1 service station stop for my Burger King and Krispy Kreme feast (actually if we include that I might not get back til Sunday...)


So if there are any reserves not in, count me out! if not then i'll hop in if i'm home in time, sorry! Tried to get a half day to do it today but people decided to make me do actual work which was thoroughly ridiculous.

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After intensive and deliberate investigation, we are sad to announce that Tim Heinemann has been removed from Virtual Carrera Cup 2015 and suspended from further TPS competition permanently with immediate effect.


This comes after highly suspicious performance and activity from Heinemann during race two of round five of Virtual Carrera Cup 2015 from Oran Park.

  • On lap eight, Heinemann slides off tack, making direct contact with the tyre barrier at 80kph. His car emerges from this incident without even a dent in it's bodywork. Compare Miguel Cardoso & Claus Nyring on lap 18, who crashed at similar angles in the same wall at 38kph and 52kph respectively, both incurring significant damage, or Cameron Brewster who ripped off a wheel after crashing in the same wall at 93kph during the same race.
  • On lap ten, Heinemann sets a 1min 09.4sec lap, some 1.2 seconds faster than anyone else during the same race. This time, if lapping alone, would not be out of the realms of possibility. However, during this lap, Heinemann passed two vehicles in two seperate moves with two highly compromised lines and also decelerated shortly before the start/finish line to end this lap, dropping 9kph in this distance and ~600revs (still a heavy acceleration area where you would be expected to gain at least 9kph).


These pieces of evidence together form a clear case against Tim Heinemann using soft/hard/firm-ware to gain an unfair advantage over his fellow competitors beyond what the 'vanilla' game of rFactor can offer. All four race stewards were in unanimous agreement that such cheating had taken place, and therefore Tim Heinemann is suspended as per above.


Further investigation also found unshakeable proof in his log files, Heinemann possessing the ability to turn on and off invulnerability, and disable fuel use. This will have been done with an external program, capable of who knows what else, tyre temperature and/or grip/weight modification etc.


No evidence of cheating has been found in the 2014 season, or in the 2015 races previous to Rounds 4 & 5 at Adelaide and Oran Park. Indisputable evidence of cheating has been found at both these two rounds, however.


Further to this, all results will remain intact aside from the four races in round four and five of 2015.

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Race 5 Oran Park



Race 1


Tim Heinemann: Disqualified

Details here


Jordi San Andres: 12 points, 2 endorse

Contact Bell lap 1, lap 12

San Andres runs up the inside of Bell on lap one, making contact and costing Bell ground at T2, before spearing Bell straight off track on lap 12 at T3.


Adrian Holm: 8 points, 1 endorse

Contact Brewster, lap 1

Holm drives into the side of Brewster causing a puncture, at T6.



Race 2


Tim Heinemann: Disqualified

Details here

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My statement

First i want to say that i've never cheated, hacked or anything like that.

For me it is also strange that my best lap was 6 tenths faster then my second fastest lap even with overtaking. Maybe there was less rain on the track or something but that lap was quite good. The crash was absolutely my own mistake. Just braked too late and ended up in the wall with 80kph. I remember that there was yellow damage all along the front but the front spoiler was still there. I think normally you get a puncture or lose your front spoiler so that was also strange. But like many people say: It is rFactor. It still has the strange problems. That is the only way I can explain something like that. 

I've never cheated in my hole simracing "career". Last year I won the series with rfscan, so why should I cheat from one to the other day? I'm a friend of rfscan - why we drive without it this year?

I've won the Simracing Expo final live against a few of the world's best drivers (I think everyone knows it is 100% sure you can't cheat there) - why should I cheat here?

I don't know if it helps, but below are my replays. Unfortunately I think that there is no my data from rFactor which i could show. I could also show all my computer folders..

I hope that a proper investigation with maybe some anti cheat material is possible and I can help complete it. 



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Tim how do explain that


Race 2 Oran Park




<Name>Tim Heinemann</Name>
<UpgradeCode>20000000 00000000</UpgradeCode>
<VehName>Heinemann T</VehName>
<CarType>Virtual Carrera Cup 15</CarType>
<Lap num="1" p="3" et="159.7962" s1="25.3277" s2="35.8129" s3="16.4557" fuel="0.078">77.5963</Lap>
<Lap num="2" p="4" et="237.3925" s1="19.1290" s2="37.0986" s3="16.7399" fuel="0.078">72.9674</Lap>
<Lap num="3" p="2" et="310.3600" s1="18.7761" s2="35.4993" s3="16.1740" fuel="0.078">70.4495</Lap>
<Lap num="4" p="2" et="380.8094" s1="18.4619" s2="35.3001" s3="16.1530" fuel="0.078">69.9151</Lap>
<Lap num="5" p="2" et="450.7245" s1="18.6947" s2="35.8807" s3="16.3667" fuel="0.078">70.9420</Lap>
<Lap num="6" p="2" et="521.6664" s1="19.1490" s2="35.5259" s3="16.1659" fuel="0.078">70.8408</Lap>
<Lap num="7" p="2" et="592.5073" s1="19.0861" s2="36.0229" s3="16.5213" fuel="0.078">71.6304</Lap>
<Lap num="8" p="8" et="664.1377" s1="27.6501" s2="36.2249" s3="15.8302" fuel="0.078">79.7052</Lap>
<Lap num="9" p="6" et="743.8430" s1="19.3492" s2="35.7459" s3="16.3376" fuel="0.078">71.4327</Lap>
<Lap num="10" p="5" et="815.2757" s1="18.9371" s2="34.8888" s3="15.6484" fuel="0.078">69.4743</Lap>
<Lap num="11" p="5" et="884.7499" s1="18.9715" s2="35.8963" s3="16.2684" fuel="0.078">71.1362</Lap>
<Lap num="12" p="5" et="955.8862" s1="19.0855" s2="36.2494" s3="16.2530" fuel="0.078">71.5879</Lap>
<Lap num="13" p="5" et="1027.4740" s1="19.2269" s2="35.6762" s3="16.6095" fuel="0.078">71.5126</Lap>
<Lap num="14" p="4" et="1098.9867" s1="19.4132" s2="35.7451" s3="16.3484" fuel="0.078">71.5067</Lap>
<Lap num="15" p="4" et="1170.4934" s1="18.9459" s2="35.8130" s3="16.3243" fuel="0.078">71.0832</Lap>
<Lap num="16" p="4" et="1241.5767" s1="19.1722" s2="35.6020" s3="16.2748" fuel="0.078">71.0489</Lap>
<Lap num="17" p="4" et="1312.6256" s1="19.3493" s2="35.8954" s3="16.2274" fuel="0.078">71.4722</Lap>
<Lap num="18" p="4" et="1384.0978" s1="19.4454" s2="35.7206" s3="16.2385" fuel="0.078">71.4045</Lap>
<Lap num="19" p="3" et="1455.5023" s1="19.4204" s2="35.9295" s3="16.1467" fuel="0.078">71.4966</Lap>
<Lap num="20" p="3" et="1526.9989" s1="18.6524" s2="35.6098" s3="16.0285" fuel="0.078">70.2907</Lap>
<Lap num="21" p="3" et="1597.2896" s1="18.7334" s2="35.5130" s3="16.0733" fuel="0.078">70.3197</Lap>
<Lap num="22" p="3" et="1667.6093" s1="18.6378" s2="35.4465" s3="16.1556" fuel="0.078">70.2400</Lap>
<Lap num="23" p="3" et="1737.8492" s1="18.7239" s2="35.9445" s3="16.1651" fuel="0.078">70.8335</Lap>
<Lap num="24" p="3" et="1808.6827" s1="18.8816" s2="36.9348" s3="16.0761" fuel="0.078">71.8926</Lap>
<Lap num="25" p="3" et="1880.5753" s1="18.6354" s2="35.7241" s3="16.0364" fuel="0.078">70.3960</Lap>
<Lap num="26" p="3" et="1950.9713" s1="18.4369" s2="35.7429" s3="16.1704" fuel="0.078">70.3502</Lap>
<Lap num="27" p="3" et="2021.3215" s1="18.7128" s2="35.5418" s3="16.1837" fuel="0.078">70.4383</Lap>
<FinishStatus>Finished Normally</FinishStatus>
<ControlAndAids startLap="1" endLap="7">PlayerControl,Clutch,Invulnerable</ControlAndAids>
<ControlAndAids startLap="8" endLap="8">PlayerControl,Clutch,Invulnerable,AutoBlip</ControlAndAids>
<ControlAndAids startLap="9" endLap="27">PlayerControl</ControlAndAids>


Race 2 Adelaide




<Name>Tim Heinemann</Name>
<UpgradeCode>20000000 00000000</UpgradeCode>
<VehName>Heinemann T</VehName>
<CarType>Virtual Carrera Cup 15</CarType>
<Lap num="1" p="8" et="186.4084" s1="31.8517" s2="25.8980" s3="32.1014" fuel="0.059">89.8511</Lap>
<Lap num="2" p="8" et="276.2596" s1="24.6126" s2="25.6136" s3="30.9078" fuel="0.059">81.1340</Lap>
<Lap num="3" p="6" et="357.3936" s1="23.5384" s2="25.0642" s3="31.5372" fuel="0.059">80.1398</Lap>
<Lap num="4" p="6" et="437.5333" s1="23.1282" s2="25.1692" s3="31.0900" fuel="0.059">79.3873</Lap>
<Lap num="5" p="5" et="516.9207" s1="23.4413" s2="25.0224" s3="31.7745" fuel="0.059">80.2381</Lap>
<Lap num="6" p="3" et="597.1588" s1="23.6799" s2="24.9843" s3="31.5128" fuel="0.059">80.1770</Lap>
<Lap num="7" p="3" et="677.3358" s1="24.1773" s2="25.2932" s3="30.7027" fuel="0.059">80.1732</Lap>
<Lap num="8" p="3" et="757.5090" s1="22.9502" s2="25.0045" s3="31.0962" fuel="0.059">79.0509</Lap>
<Lap num="9" p="3" et="836.5599" s1="23.1030" s2="24.9844" s3="31.0477" fuel="0.059">79.1350</Lap>
<Lap num="10" p="1" et="915.6950" s1="23.3176" s2="25.1605" s3="30.6584" fuel="0.059">79.1365</Lap>
<Lap num="11" p="1" et="994.8315" s1="22.8665" s2="25.0805" s3="30.8567" fuel="0.059">78.8037</Lap>
<Lap num="12" p="1" et="1073.6353" s1="23.1129" s2="25.1321" s3="30.8435" fuel="0.059">79.0885</Lap>
<Lap num="13" p="1" et="1152.7238" s1="22.8794" s2="25.0566" s3="30.7133" fuel="0.059">78.6493</Lap>
<Lap num="14" p="1" et="1231.3730" s1="22.9881" s2="25.1097" s3="30.8398" fuel="0.059">78.9376</Lap>
<Lap num="15" p="1" et="1310.3107" s1="23.0140" s2="25.1228" s3="30.8142" fuel="0.059">78.9510</Lap>
<Lap num="16" p="1" et="1389.2617" s1="22.9225" s2="25.1279" s3="31.0072" fuel="0.059">79.0577</Lap>
<Lap num="17" p="1" et="1468.3193" s1="23.2864" s2="25.0283" s3="30.9899" fuel="0.059">79.3045</Lap>
<Lap num="18" p="1" et="1547.6239" s1="23.0479" s2="25.0465" s3="30.8202" fuel="0.059">78.9146</Lap>
<Lap num="19" p="1" et="1626.5386" s1="22.9862" s2="25.1787" s3="30.6954" fuel="0.059">78.8604</Lap>
<Lap num="20" p="1" et="1705.3989" s1="23.4358" s2="25.1117" s3="30.7397" fuel="0.059">79.2872</Lap>
<Lap num="21" p="1" et="1784.6862" s1="23.1871" s2="25.0538" s3="30.8515" fuel="0.059">79.0923</Lap>
<Lap num="22" p="1" et="1863.7784" s1="23.0664" s2="24.9657" s3="30.8973" fuel="0.059">78.9294</Lap>
<FinishStatus>Finished Normally</FinishStatus>
<ControlAndAids startLap="1" endLap="11">PlayerControl,Clutch,Invulnerable</ControlAndAids>
<ControlAndAids startLap="12" endLap="12">PlayerControl,Clutch,Invulnerable,AutoBlip</ControlAndAids>
<ControlAndAids startLap="13" endLap="22">PlayerControl</ControlAndAids>

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If you look at those files, he also manages to turn AutoBlip on during that lap 12, before disabling invulnerability and autoblip on lap 13.

From the point of view of the people not involved in investigating/ deciding on what happened here I would be interested to see a comparison with other peoples files. We can all see the issue here but is it only with Tim's files?

I'm not defending or saying it was a bad call (it wasn't I agree with the decision made) But out of both fairness and curiosity a comparison with those racing in the same races would be appreciated by many of us I feel.

- Oscar. 

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