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G27 Suddenly Dead?

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Hi guys, I'm having a bit of an issue with my G27. It was working perfectly, I unplugged it before going on a road trip and when I got back plugged it back in and nothing happened. No calibration, no LEDs, windows doesnt even see it anymore. I checked in the device manager and I see Logitech_WmVirHid01 and Logitech_WmVirHid02, maybe they were there before, I don't remember. I've tried reinstalling the drivers (making sure to delete the old ones).


The wheel is just out of waranty so I took it apart, following the guides I could find online and on youtube, there seems to be no damage at all and surprisingly clean inside lol


I'm really confused as to what the problem may be, if anyone has any ideas I'd really apreciate the help.

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