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[SOLD] ECCI 6000 GTS Trackstar w/extras (Momo MOD, custom Ferrari F1, buttkicker control)

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For sale is the full ECCI 6000 GTS Trackstar package with lots of extras.  This is ECCI's top of the line non-force-feedback complete system in gloss black.  It features a USB HD Ultra Interface for the hanging 3 pedals including the PMB II Pressure Mapped Brake and a clutch. 


If you're looking here, you likely know what this wheel is all about.  If not, here's how the wheel works:


The wheel makes zero noise whatsoever.  A camshaft precisely governs steering resistance at every wheel angle.  Friction is completely eliminated because the entire mechanism is ball-bearing suspended.  Every impulse is immediately translated into control input.  The FLDS system consists of a rotary fluid damper, belt-driven from the steering  shaft. The fundamental effect of the damper is to add "weight" to the  steering and even out rapid wheel movements.  This effect dramatically enhances steering stability and significantly reduces  the tendency toward velocity-induced over-correction.  Fully ball bearing suspended and free from friction, ECCI's FLDS allows force and velocity of wheel movement to respond at a minute level.


Here is the order form, not including some of the upgrades:




Additional options/upgrades:

  • FLDS Cooling Sleeve for added cooling for endurance sessions ($59 included in the above total)
  • Momo Mod 26 ($160 included in the above total)
  • 2 buttons paddle shifting assembly  ($209)
  • NRG 2.5 Quick Release added for easy wheel swapping plus an additional hub included ($149)
  • Pre-wired for all wheel electronics (SLI Pro for example) routed through the hub
  • 6 added buttons to the wheel base to control individual intensity of dual butt kickers
  • Additional FLDS pulley ($24)
  • Additional ECCI brake 'rods' to convert pedal assembly into 2-pedal setup
  • I also have the Race Brake Stage 2 spring upgrade separate should you want to increase resistance ($139)

Here is the gear on my rig:
















Wheel hub:











Momo Wheel:












Let me know if you have any questions or would like any other pictures.  This thing is a tank and everything about it exudes quality.  I've got my old Fanatec gear on the rig temporarily and the difference is night an day; it feels like a toy in comparison to the ECCI setup. 


Very little use on what is over $2000 worth of gear here and I'm not in a rush to sell.  This gear is quite heavy, so a local buyer would be preferred.  Will let it go for $1050 + shipping.

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Thanks for the compliment YG!


amisty - I'm located in San Diego.


slingshot - I have the NRG 2.5 quick release hub on the wheel base and another 2 on my wheels (the Momo and a custom carbon fiber Ferrari F1).  Everything is pre-wired for the wheels and base, including electronics, to run hidden.  When swapping wheels I simply plug the connector from hub to wheel.  The notch in the hub was to ensure the wires were run properly when installed.  It serves no purpose now and is invisible once a wheel is on the hub.  I also have another quick release hub I can include in case you ever want to swap it out for one without the notch.

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All PMs have been replied to.


I will be out of town for the weekend and probably won't be able to check this thread or PMs, but will answer when I return.  To the multiple people that have shown interest, if more than one person asks to buy the gear while I'm gone, I will honor the order in which they are received. 

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Although I want to keep it for a new wheel display case I have, I would be open to making a package to include my custom Ferrari F1 wheel with all working knitter switches, SLI PRO, and NRG quick release.






It is setup to use Desty's Script with SLI Pro software:


K [Green] - Boost - Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) - regenerates braking energy to boost acceleration.

N [White] : Neutral - puts the car into neutral.

Ch [black] : Channel

M [Red] : Mute Communications

R [blue] : Reverse - puts the car into reverse.

L [Red] : Pit Limiter - Restrict speed to pit-lane speed limit (press activate/deactivate).

PA [Red] : Pit Adjust

T [black] : Tires

W [Green] : Drag Reduction System (DRS) - flatten rear wing

OK [black] : Enter Key


Rotary Encoders

Select (1) Select Next/Previous (up/down keys)

Value (2) Increase/Decrease Value (+/- keys)


Rotary Switches

Bias : Brake Bias (balance) - controls the balance of front to rear braking power. -3, -2, -1, 0, +1, +2, +3

Mix : Fuel Mix - adjusts engine air/fuel mixture to balance (leaner/richer) power and fuel economy. 1 = less fuel. S, R, L

Entry : Differential Entry - controls characteristics of when rear differential locks when entering a curve. 12 points.

Mid : Differential Mid - controls characteristics of when rear differential locks in the middle of a curve. 12 points.

Exit : Differential Exit - controls characteristics of when rear differential locks when exiting a curve. 12 points.


Center: 12 position Ferrari Rotary


LEDs (alerts)

Flag : Flag Change

Tires : Tires Change

Temp : Water Temperature High

Oil : Oil Pressure Low

Fuel : Low Fuel Indicator

DRS : DRS Enabled



IGN : Ignition

Start : Start

Info : Tires and Info


More pics:













It's a work of art, which I'm happy to keep...but would be willing to sell the whole thing as a package.

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Here are some pictures of the extra ECCI parts (extra quick release hubs, additional FLDS pulley, additional ECCI brake 'rods' to convert pedal assembly into 2-pedal setup, and Race Brake Stage 2 spring upgrade separate should you want to increase resistance):





Additional FLDS pulley:




Race Brake Stage 2 spring upgrade:




Extra quick release hub:



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Thanks.  I had been sitting on the sidelines for a bit and came across a package containing many of the parts I was interested in, so I jumped at the opportunity.  I am slowly swapping out certain items for others more to my liking.  


I love these pedals and would be happy to keep them.  As for the wheel, it is the highest quality setup I've ever seen.  It is ultra-smooth and makes for very fast lap times.  However, I race to have fun, not necessarily for all out lap times so I'd prefer a wheel with force feedback that will fight me, rather than the progressive weight this unit has.  I know many prefer the ECCI as it feels more natural, while some FF wheels can be gimmicky/game-like, but I don't mind that.


On a side note, my air/oil separator in my Cayman S failed (rather spectacularly) and I hydro-locked my engine, resulting in a bent rod and cracked head.  I was forced to sell my car for parts at a big loss, so it helps to off some of this quality gear to a good home.

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I spoke to ECCI (awesome customer service btw) and it looks like I am able to split up the package.  I'm considering keeping the pedals and just selling the steering unit, so I'd be open if someone only wants half of the setup.

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Maya - I've had a few interested parties for the F1 wheel.  Unless I get an offer I simply can't refuse, I'm leaning towards keeping it, as its a work of art in my opinion.  As of now I would only sell it to help sell the entire package.  If that changes I will let you know.

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As the F1 wheel currently stands it has a NRG quick release on it, so right now, without switching anything, it will mount up to any hub that has the corresponding NRG quick release (which I have another of).


It would fit on any other hub if modified.  I don't have a Fanatec Club Sport, but given that they now have their universal hub setup, you'd need to remove the NRG and swap in the Fanatec (or any other brand). 

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