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Latest NASCAR game in the tube.

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good news is its not from EA! the guys who are making it are Eurpeaon, so we will see how that pans out. not getting my hopes up yet to soon, look at the features list...

In-depth career mode

- 43 car grid

- Revolutionary damage model

- Roll overs and blow overs

- Extensive car set-up options

- Pit-stops

- Full motion captured pit crew and driver

- Tyre wear

- Tyre pressure/temperature which affects performance

- Tyre blow outs

- Brake wear

- Multiple car manufacturers

- Doug Rice and Mark Garrow doing commentary/post race analysis

note that tires is spelled with a y. :roll: ... -revealed/ ... 11-reveal/

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note that tires is spelled with a y. :roll:

Tyres is the correct British English spelling.

Tires is US English.

You must feel stupid now since you used the :roll: the show of how smart you think you are...

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more information found. the first bit is from jayski.

Activision developing new NASCAR video game? Last September, EA Sports president Peter Moore confirmed to GameSpot that Electronic Arts was letting its long-held NASCAR license lapse. Today, game-industry site Gamasutra cites "sources close to the situation" that EA's archrival, Activision, will publish the next installment in the series. The report was also backed up by a less reliable outlet--a post on the EA Sports forums. Poster N0Fear88, a two-year veteran of the site, claims another "inside source" at NASCAR said the title was in development for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii, and would be released two weeks before next February's Dayton 500. In late August, British developer Eutechnyx, the studio behind the racing games Ferrari Challenge and Big Mutha Truckers, accidentally tipped its hand by posting the forums for NASCAR 2011. (The Google cache showing the page can be found here) It is unclear at which of Eutechnyx's four studios the game will be developed. The Gateshead, UK-based shop also has operations in Pittsburgh, Pensylvannia as well as Chengdu and Hong Kong in China. Activision reps had not yet responded to comment as of press time.(GameSpot)(9-24-2010)

here's a view of that websites cache: ... =firefox-a

another "article". ... dylan4422/

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