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Impressions of F1 2010 after a 1 1/2 day of playing (ps3)

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Saw the ps3 version in the shops, couldn't wait any longer so bought that one. Steam order will unlock itself on friday.

I'm using a Fanatec GT3RS v2 with clubsports, a ps3 (doh!) and a 40" HD lcd.

I've been posting on these boards for some time now. But for those of you who don't know. I'm not a true to the bone sim racer, i am a gamer with a passion for racing games. Play some iRacing, loved Forza, looking forward to GT5. Played since pitstop on the c64 =)


Easy to drive, hard to master. Since most of the people who are going to play this game are using a gamepad it shouldn't be a surprise. My biggest problem is not spinning out enough. It's a competent handling model, but these F1 monsters are a bit easy to tame in this game. It does however feel really ego boosting when you nail a corner. Feels similar to the Ferrari academy in some respects. The grip of the tires will hardly ever put you on the wrong foot, the sheer speed of these cars will. Not too bad.


As a F1 fan, well. Awesome? Being able to drive Singapore this weekend before the actual GP is a big bonus. Al lot of these tracks are not in any other game. So big, big thumbs up. Not laser scanned, but with my limited knowledge they are done well. Games have come a long way.


Good. They don't drive like you are not there (GT5). They don't ram you of the road (Forza3, that Rossi dude). Maybe they are abit too easy for the Aliens out there. But at least they are aware out some things happening around them. I'm having hard fought races on profesional (one notch down from Legend, highest lvl of AI), getting my Virgin to 18th in the race. (ok, i did manage 4th in Melbourne. Really no clue what happened there. Schumi was first, so the whole race was a mess).


Living the life being the pitch for this game. It has tons. Don't expect Mass Effect like dialogue. But the way codemasters have replicated a race weekend is something special. People go out on the right time for their laps. Trying to nail that one last lap so you get into Q2 and the way your engineer responds if you do so. Cool. If iRacing had qualifying like this i would be running laps all week. Tumbling down the time sheets, going up after a good lap. I dig it.


It's ok. Everything looks nice. Apart from the glitches you always have with each game. The current generation of consoles have been here longer than most their grandparent consoles. So you've seen it all before. Suzuka on GT5P look better btw. Biggest problem i have is where my focus point is, that's the place were there is no more AA. So i'm looking at pixels again, non AA-ed blocks of pixels. Could be better. Think GRID and Dirt2 didn't have that problem with a drawing distance that was closer and cars that didn't go so damm fast. Nice looking game on the ps3, looking forward to the AA goodness of the PC version =)


I'm not a big fan of sound. Don't have a house full of speakers. The game has sounds. The way the engine sounds makes it pretty hard to shift at the right time. No clue if this is what a engine should sound like, i have no problems with the Star Mazda in iRacing when it comes to sound. Not a sound person =)

Force Feedback

As Darin said on racesimcentral, force feedback with a Fanatec GT3RS is a somewhat weird. Doesn't really affect me that much, since i like minimal force feedback. Found i setup i can trust and like. But definite not up there with the best if you have a Fanatec wheel. Looking forward if the PC version is any different.

Multiplayer (PS3)

Console. Pads and F1. Crashfest. It's much worse than Forza3. It's really fun with a wheel and a couple of glasses of wine. But this is about as bad as it gets.


As a F1 fan, it's awesome. Been watching F1 for over 25 years now and being able to race the 2010 circuits in HD is amazing. There have been other F1 games, and some have been really good. But this is the first time i have been able to play with a proper wheel, driving the same tracks. Must buy.

As a gamer/racer. Not blown away by the game. It's quite fun. But not something that will stay in my ps3 forever. Still a must buy because it's one of the best racing games released this year.

my 0.02

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Hi pyquila,

Thanks for the great informative review. My F1 2010 arrived today and I've been dipping into it this evening for the past few hours with the game pad. I'm moving my rig upstairs at present to a 'quiet alcove' with a 32" LCD three feet away from my nose and a quality pair of headphones. But in the meantime, the game looks and sounds stunning on my 92" wide screen home theatre system with the 18" subwoofer. The things I noticed were also the glistening jaggies and pixels at the focus point. I'm sure the PS3 can do better. Maybe 2011 when the dev's have a better understanding of its capabilies. I havn't tried it with my Fanatec wheel yet. When I do, I will follow your example and dial down the FFB until the new patch comes out with a fix. Back to the racing and with the assists turned off my lap times around Silverstone, Suzuka and Melborne are too awful and humiliating to report. Basically, I love this game, its atmosphere, detail, opportunistic AI, insane sense of speed, the bitng challange and the sheer excitment of driving hell for leather in the Formula 1 world. Along with Forza 3, Grid and GT5p, I can't really see myself needing to buy any other driving game for quite some time. And No, I am not of the hard core sim contingent although I do appreciate the insights of those brave and determined enough to master the arcane arts of iracing, Netkar Pro and the rest.



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