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got bitten by the sim bug....

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well hello there isrtv members names billy been watching darin and shaun for a few weeks now since i got a g27 and got bitten by the sim bug, no offense darin and shaun but u cost me a ton of money!!!!!


i had to go get asseto corsa and subscribe to iracing because of you (i dont like iracing much money for a disabled guy like me)...


ive watched probally hundreds of hours of your videos and i must say as a new guy to the scene i really appriciate all that you guys put into it and make it easy foir someone like me who is just starting out..i use to play racing games with a 360pad but i wont ever do it agian....


well a lil aout me..i live in NE. Colorado am 37, recently been put on the disabled list as ive got spine and nerve damage in the lower region of my back so now i sit at home and take care of my youngest hes 14 months while momma is working during the day he loves to watch u guys too ( he liked jessica better though but hes a ladys man). im a retired firefighter 1 and emt from new mexico and for the majority of my life i was a manager of a event arena/ roller skating rink, played roller hockey for 12+ years between coaching peewee and playing in adult leages. love to go 4x4 anytime i can in my blazer, build computers and work on cars...well dont know what else to say except i look forward to any and all racing tips i can get...ima country boy and i can run the dirt with the best of em, but road well thats a diffrant game altogether


i recently upgraded my system to a 2d surround because i saw one of the boys dont member wich one racing in dirt 3 with trip screens and was like WOOO i want that....hers specs and will be my sig if its approved


||EVGA x79 sli||i7 [email protected] HT||16G G.Skill @ 2400mhz||EVGA 780GTX Classified skyn3t v4 bios 5920x1080 acer IPS 24" ||256Gig Samsung 840 pro ssd (OS)  ||2x 1Tb WD RE4 ||1 TB WD Black (steam)||LG Super Multi BR\DVD ||Antec 1200||Corsair HX1000||custom built water setup, Koolance cpu-350ac swifttech mcp 655 w ek top, primochill 1/2, black ice pro 2 rad ac/ryan chamilion 4 60% speed, Feser extreme performance 240 with cooljag ever flo 9 blade with 25mm spacer pull config cpu temp controlled

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I feel a little rude and inpolite in not responding to you beforehand....but only just noticed your post in July, so can I say welcome to the sim racing world....and welcome to spending a lot of money over the coming months/years!!! ;)

Ive been doing it for quite a while now,and for where I started......I dread to think how much I've spent on perfecting my sim experience!! New this,new that......and then new this and that again!!! It's never ending!!

But I'm happy in what I've achieved and love this's awesome!!!

Just remember to have fun and not take it all too seriously ;)

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