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Nascar 14 g27 Setting

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Hello everybody!


As the new patch is out I want to give a 2nd chance to that game but I can't get a good setting to play with my Logitech g27. I have PC and PS3 version.


Does someone have a good setting with profiler or direct with ps3. For the moment I don't have accurate driving, still hard to keep straight line and when I'm releasing the gas pedal it's going to the right hitting the wall each time.



FFB 15%

Road feel  5%.

Vibration 0%

Steering Deadzone 1%

Accelarator Deadzone 0%

Brake Deadzone 0%

Clutch deadzone 0%

Steering sensititivity 0%

Steering Linearity 100%

Accelerator Sensistivity 100%

Brake Sensitivity 100%


For the PC


Overall Effect 107%

All other option to 0%

Center spring checked but 0%

Rotation 540

Allow game checked


Ingame setting...

haven't found something that can works


Thanks to help me with this game!

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I did some research and found that turning FFB on the wheel in the Logitech software to zero can be helpful. On most tracks, letting the game itself control FFB settings results in a decent feel. But it took me a few weeks to find a combination of settings between the Logitech profiler and game settings before I really felt comfortable with it. Most of it is trial and error, and sometimes I have to change it based on the track in order to feel the groove just right. I've also found there is a tight balance between Logitech's degrees of rotation setting and the wheel range (x-axis in-game setting) that you manually set as instructed by the game.

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