What Car Do You Drive In Real Life ? Post Pics
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2010 Mustang GT. Was that car I always wanted too buy but was too cheap. Every option avail at the time is in the car. Has had a little engine work done now that the warranty is out and I am not worried about voiding it. Fun to drive in the summer, not so much on the snow.


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These are my cars.


My 1975 Hillman Avenger




My 1972 Chrysler Valiant Charger




My 1974 Hillman Avenger Alpine V8 project car. This will be my next rally car.




This is the V8 for it. 4.0L Lexus/Toyota quad cam V8 with a brand new R154 5 speed gearbox.




I have just enough room in my garage for all 3 cars.




My old 1980 Chrysler Avenger rally car




Here is a video of my '75 Avenger on the dyno.


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This is going to be unsual. I'm from South Brazil, so chances are you never seen a Fiat Marea before, let alone a Turbo version, which was a Brazil exclusive :)


It is a fully built (tore it completely apart twice actually) Fiat Marea Turbo (2001).

Here are some pictures of the engine bay:




Engine alone:



Car view from below:




Dynoin the darn thing:



View from the front:



Fuel system:




Gearbox carnage (normally the gears go though, this one was an exception):


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my toy is a 93 s10 blazer with 241,794 miles on it i race it in the dirt roads around here for track time....and for the family car we have a 2003 oldsmobile bravada gold edition...and the one that got away and that i miss dearly is my 1978 ford fairmont crown coupe with a 302 police intercepter....

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Porsche boxster 986

1998 2.5l

Toyo Sports exhaust

Daily driver with factory hardtop for the winter

The porsche uses more sunscreen than petrol though this time of year!

1992 Nova SRI with an Astra 2l GT2 Redtop

All tunes up with semi slicks

This is purely fro track days

Going to Mallory park with it next week

Then booked into donnington later in the year

It's great having 2 circuits less than 20 minutes drive from home.

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My daily driver in real life is rather boring (silver 2012 Scion XB in the background), so instead I will post a picture of my motorcycle (still boring to most people, being as it is a honda that thinks it's a harley LOL).  I dream of owning something like a Factory Five GTM kit car or an old Porsche 911 or something, but till then....my fun is either on 2 wheels or 4 "simulated" wheels :lol:.  Maybe I should put my racing sim rig up on wheels so I can make that statement more valid haha.


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2015 mustang gt. already modding it up.. exhaust, new wheels/tires, it's been lowered, and tint. 











I'm tempted by one of these, but used maserati GT's are stupid value for money at the moment.

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