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[REL 0.3] Mak-Corp Classic Cars Beta

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(Brought here with Permission from Petros Mak)


 Foreword: Greetings fellow rF2 players and modders alike. We at MAK-Corp felt it was time to share more on the Classic Cars mod project and keep the community more in the loop with the progress of the mod as well as the hope of acquiring more community help. The mod is progressing well but we have a large backlog of cars that need to be mapped and painted. Due to the shortage of uvmapper's our mods are progressing slowly.

PLEASE NOTE: The modelers and artists who work on the classic cars mod are not the same guys who work on the F1 2008 Mod. These are guys who do not model open wheelers so lets not have posts of how this mod is impeding another.

We do however need more help so we can get all the cars mapped and painted so we can release them sooner for all of you to enjoy. Engine sound composers would be a good help too to ensure they get the best sounds. We hope you enjoy the progress we show through this thread.

Anyone interested in helping can get in touch with me via this thread or by sending me a private message.

Mod Details: The Classic Cars Mod brings together cars from 1950 - 1990. From standard manufacturer road cars to racing cars, the mod will provide many different types of cars. At first the mod is intended to be released with a select number of cars which we show to the community as they progress. The mod will then further be expanded with time with more cars as they get done. The objective with the Classic Cars mod is to build a mod that continues to expand with cars as we build them. The mod will be FREE for all to enjoy and we also have a car request list you can find on our forums at

Mod Releases:

1991 Group C Open Beta v0.3

MAK-Corp Mirror [initial Release: September 30th, 2013][update Released: October 6th, 2013]

Mediafire Mirror

Changelog v0.3

* Physics update #2.

* Steering adjusted.

* Force Feedback fixed.

* Moved bonnet cam view.

* Headlight beam and strength adjusted.

* Fixed front rims having duplicate rim part inside - was only visible with covers off.

* Chrome on wheels adjusted.

* Full body export with new properties.

* Static undershadow added - visible in spinner.

* Online Multiplayer now working.


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