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GSC-X - StockCar V8's Mega Series - All welcome

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Sim Racing Australia Are soon kicking of our 5th MEGA Series season of racing and this time around we will be running the excellent V8 Stock cars!!


Running across 6 rounds featuring 50 lap races with 2x fuel and 2 x tyres (on all standard tracks) this series will see some pretty close and intense racing with the

events in pitlane having a direct effect on the individuals result's.


We advise you all, that you are all invited to come join in the fun, the friendship and the racing

that we have on offer with this fun run style public championship series.


Head to and register your free account to come join us in this amazing series!!

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hi i regged on your forum and i was watching a video of that series but in that video the cars gliched into each other.


Do you have collision off for that series?



Hi misterjay,


No mate collisions is on, the video is made with a tool called VCR merge, it gathers all of the fastest laps for each driver and overlays them into one video.


Handy so you can see where you are faster or slower relative to others...



Also mate I'm at work a few more days.... Will send you an email as soon as I'm home to allow your forum access complete.



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So just an update guys,


Just tonight we completed Round 4 of this series @ Campo Grande.


The racing in this series has been extremely close with the car being very sensitive to the bumps found in many of the Reiza tracks... (As modeleld accurately based on teh real tracks data.)


Here below is a some replay footage using the VCR Merge tool where everyone's fastest qualifying and race laps are all overlayed each other.


An interesting watch as it shows just how close and competitive the racing really is here at Sim Racing Oz - Australia's only dedicated GSC Extreme league.


It's never too late to come join us for some quality racing and good times!!

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