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Hello all,


I've been lurking here for quite a while now, but since getting really into sim racing I thought I should probably introduce myself! I'm basically brand new to circuit racing, even though I started sim racing just over a year ago, that was exclusively rally sims, namely RS-RBR.


I'm running a T500rs + TH8RS with a GT-Omega EVO rig, but since getting the touring car bug, I thought I'd buy a set of CSP V2s, which should be arriving at my door next week sometime!


My current favourite sim has to be Race07 (+ all the extras!) with quite a few mods. Although I did buy Assetto Corsa, and some cars/tracks for R3E.


Mainly racing the AI, while trying to get used to no driving aids, but hopefully will see some of you out on the track soon!



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hi welcome mate you will love the csp's glad to see another uk lad





Welcome Majorai,

I have the T500 and CSP V2 pedals and it's a great combo to go with.

Have fun see you on the track.



Thanks guys, good to hear about the CSPs, I wasn't sure about them at first.


Also feels like a really nice community here, will be good to see you on the track after some more sessions against the AI.

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I am similar ish myself. Always played the more arcadey racing games, ever since Nigel Mansell F1 on the Commodore 64 and Grand Prix on the Spectrum ZX. My favourite racing game was probably TOCA Touring Cars on PS1. Loved it!

I have recently invested in a Logitech G25 setup to learn the trade on before maybe investing in upgrades. I also bought Assetto Corsa recently as well as the Race: WTCC game, though not got into them yet. I have always been an F1 and Touring Cars fan, so am mostly playing F1 2013 at the moment.

Going through the process of learning to drive with all aids off at the moment. Starting to see improvements and watching iRacing's Driving School and Basics video series' on YouTube helped me loads. Got my head around a few things and within 30 minutes of getting back behind the wheel of the Red Bull F1 car at Albert Park, Melbourne i slashed my lap time down from 1:36ish to 1:28ish and still tumbling with each lap as I work out optimum lines and corner gearings.

Anyway, hoping to get onto Assetto Corsa and iRacing in the near future once I am confident enough so will hopefully see you there!

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