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Throttling very sensitive

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Hi guys!


Recently my brother played Assetto Corsa. He was driving the Lotus 125 (F1 style) and had some serious problems with throttling. Especially in the first and second gear the car always spun out. I checked the throttle input in-game with the app and also in the configuration menu. It's detected correctly.


I switched to the N-gear to watch the rpm. At half way throttling, the rpm reaches its limit. So I can only use about 50% of the throttle to control the rpm. Therefore it's even harder to hold/keep the same rpm. In a real car it's much much easier.


So, why is it this way? What are the other 50% for?


My guess is, the throttle controls the fuel injection. Therefore after 50% throttling, the fuel injection would still increase which also leads to faster acceleration. Nevertheless, the rev-limiter limits the rpm and so you won't see any benefits in N-gear even it's there during driving. Am I right?


Hopefully you guys understand, what I'm asking for  :D

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In ANY car, it's going to be like "Half-throttle gets you to full rpm". Throttle position doesn't correspond with RPM range. The harder your press the accelerator, the faster you get to full rpms ;)


In terms of the Lotus, you have to be VERY careful with throttle. I forget where I first heard it, but there's the saying "Imagine there's an egg under the gas pedal, if you stab the throttle too hard, you'll break the egg. You have to squeeze the throttle gently, wait for the traction to get there, then you go full blast.

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Thanks for your answer William Marsh! :)


I totally agree with you if using the Lotus 125. Therefore I switched to the Abarth 500 esseesse and did some measuring and comparison with a real car throttling pedal.


In the real car, the acceleration pedal way is ~7cm. In N-gear, the first ~2cm are mapped to a rpm range bewteen 700 and 3000

The acceleration pedal way with the TX pedals is ~6cm. In N-gear, only ~15%! is from nothing to full rpms


So it's ~2cm to adjust ~2300 rpms in a real car whereas in AC it's ~1cm for ~7000rpms. It's 5-6 times more sensitive.

It's really easy to hold the rpms in a real car whereas in AC it's more like a up&down thing.


Even if I'm comparing two different kind of cars (Kia ^^), it has never been as hard with other street cars in reality as with street cars AC.


As mentioned already, the pedal input is detected correctly.


So, why does the Abarth 500 esseesse also behave this way?

Shouldn't it act the same way as a normal street car?


If this thread hopefully could be solved, it may be possible for me to say:

The throttling in AC street cars compared to real cars is more sensitive because of XYZ

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