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F1 2013 PS 3 and G27

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Hi all please be gentle, im a virgin here, 


Have PS3, got F12013, have a G27,


first, i hope you are able to offer help in the G27 PS3 area? if not i appologise.


I am seing hundreds of you tube vids with it working great, no hassles at all.


but , when i plug wheel in, it spins and does it set up, lights etc. and the wheel and pedals work in ps3 menus,,although i dont know how to enter using wheel?


But in game, the controller setting for wheel are greyed out? so im stuck there, no wheel?


any ideas?



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Ok, after two hours sorted it, so I'll post as it may help other,

The G27, with the PS3, must have the shifter installed, this gives acts as the controller for the menus, the top diamond of four buttons on the shifter,and the thumb joypad on the shifter are the triangle,square,circle,and cross, buttons.

Once I installed shifter the menus worked and the greyed out areas opened up..

All good now :)

So I'm practicing on my desktop 36" till my rig arrives in a week,

F1 2013 on PS3


Both awesome.

I will sign up to a online system soon, thinking iracing?


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