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New rig and new to pc gaming: What apps / programs / plug-ins should I install?

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I'm expecting to get my new pc build in the next few days. (I'm getting pretty excited! :))


I'll have triples and two GTX 780 gpus. I'm mostly interested in sim racing.


I'm wondering if anyone might be able to advise me on programs to install. I'm thinking of things like Nvidia Inspector, for example, and apps that help you know framerate, CPU, GPU performance. And there must be other things I may not even have thought about yet (solutions to problems I didn't know I had - lol) .


These are what I'm already aware of: Nvidia Inspector, MSI Afterburner, Razer Synapse surround software, Steam. 


What helpful programs do you have that you use to improve your race sim experience? Please let me know. I'm all ears.



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For me when I am sim racing I use an inexpensive android tablet as my dash display.

I have brought Dash Meter Pro for iracing/assetto corsa/rfactor so that I can customise what info I need for each sim. These Android apps are only a few quid/dollars each and work great.

I have xpadder installed to allow me to set up my button box to my liking.

If you are into iracing and want to use and see user created paint schemes then the trading paints app is a must.

I also like to stream or capture my races and for that I use Open Broadcast Software.

If you want to keep an eye on frame rates then both Assetto Corsa and have FPS monitors built into the sim.

Just a few apps and programs I have fired up when sim racing.


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