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Turn 10 Tour and Interview

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Thanks Darin for taking the time to put those vids together. I enjoyed them both. If I had the talent to work there at T10, I'd apply. Its unfortunate that the majority of consumers dont get to see what goes on behind the scenes in putting a complex product together. I hope this opens some eyes to the fact that Forza is indeed a simulation, as complex as you want it to be, but its limited greatly by the platform that its on. I got excited when they did not say NO to making a Forza on PC or other platforms, and that if they do, it will NOT be a port! Long distance handshake to Dan Greenawalt and Alan Hartman for continuing to push the boundaries of whats possible. You've done it in every release since Forza 1, but now may be the time to branch out into the PC platform and see what you can really do! Yes that is a challenge! :)

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