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Hello Sim-Race maniacs!

We are a small racing league, and we drive the GSC2013 in various series.

At the moment we´re racing a Formula 3 championchip with 20 passionate drivers. In this championchip we have still 6 free cockpits, so if you want to race with us hurry up! :)

We also start a GT-Championchip at April, 11th 2014. Here you can select a car and fasten your seatbelt, too.

Our league is always looking forward for new drivers who wants to join a funny and disciplinated group.

We are very happy about our community, because every driver can give us feedbacks or new ideas and we try to make wishes become true as soon as possible.

Our homepage:


Before you are allowed to join our forum, you have to get registrated.

All our drivers use their real names, so you must use it, too. We made good experiences with it and it makes our league more respectable.

Driver requirements:

You must not be the fastest driver... What we are looking for are drivers who can control the cars on the tracks and drive respectful and disciplinated.

If we see anybody just fooling around and think we are a crashing-game, he´ll be kicked very soon. We want quality and fair drivers.

And if you ask yourself "Why are other drivers so much faster?", the answer is - training training training!


We own a 24/7 server with 100 MBit you can use for training.

Open class, Formula 3 and GT-Series on different (often LASERSCANNED!!!) tracks.


Our service for is completly free. You only must spend time for training and races :)


We are very proud to present you an own teamspeak server!

Your account:

You´ll get the complete account after the successful registration.

if you need any help, just let us know. We also have a good support team.

See you on track!



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