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First Time Sim Racer Comp Build... Any Suggestions

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Win 7 and 8.1 are bith good and 8.1 is somewhat faster. Doenside for me personally of 8 is the UI, they fixed some of it in 8.1. I still find it less userfriendly compared to 7 but that might be just my personal preference. 8 does support the latest DirectX version and will support DirectX 12, not sure if 7 will support it.

As for SSDs, they can improve loading times drastically but they are also very expensive.

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Great!   The only real question i have is the motherboard(I have no idea I just chose one) does this one have good features?.   And i skipped out on a SSD is that a bad idea.


LOL, I felt the same way when I built my racing PC... I had no idea about motherboards. I went with a pretty basic MOBO and as it turns out it has not shown me a reason why I should have spent more.


Your mobo has 6 SATA ports, nice, that should be ample! And it has SLi support in case you ever want more than one GPU. You've also chose a 750 watt PSU, so you wouldn't have to upgrade that if you added another GPU or more bells and whistles. It's also modular, something I wish I had done as it makes things neater, less hairy. :)

We hardly ever use more than 4 gb's of RAM in racing so your choice of 8 gb's is spot on. I personally only game on my desktop so 16 gb's would have been overkill for me. I do very little video editing etc.

As far as the SSD goes... I have two SSD's and two HDD's in my PC. Apart from the initial loading time of the game you won't notice anything after the game has started.

I like having my OS on an SSD for boot speed but as for my games... well, it's nice but definitely not a necessity. And with those prices dropping all the time (use to be $1 a gig, now it's more like .50 a gig) you can always add one later and move your games to it. :)


You also went with a pretty decent GPU. If you were running triple monitors, or planned to Sli in the future the 2gb of VRAM could be a slight hindrance. I can use 2.5 gb VRAM in some of the more GPU intensive race games when all my settings are maxed for eye candy. I run triples though.

Looks like you're off to a great start. Enjoy!


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