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Leave the Red Bull X1 in the Dust!

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So, I decided to goof off a bit in rF2 lately, and I decided to try an experiment. I put on the "Time Acceleration" and tried to drive the URD Not-A-BMW-Z4 car around Sebring... It was pretty hilarious and ended with my car in pieces...I then decided to try out the car barely feathering the throttle, and I was able to complete a lap, with a minor case of sensory overload.


Feeling a little confident, I decided to test out the Formula Masters... I pity the driver whose head was turned into mush at the ensuing time warp that ensued. I was able to get silvers in the GT5 X1 challenges, but I just couldn't complete a lap! I believe the time acceleration rate is like 4X, so at 100 mph, I think you'd be at 400MPH!!! 


I know it's not an accurate recreation of a 400-800MPH car, but it's still pretty fun, I recommend you try it at least once!



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