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CityLiga 18

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Dear LFS-community,
we are happy to announce our relaunched and reconstructed website and of course the 18th season of CityLiga.
CityLiga is the most traditional and biggest German LFS-league and was always defined by her diversitiy and openness for drivers of all kind. The CityLiga attracts drivers of all age, experience and abilities. Fairness is an important asset and the CityLiga is providing a live-admin for each grid therefore.


The reworked homepage provides a new desgn and complete biligualism (Englisch/German) to be a true international league and still keep its German roots.


    GQ 10.3. - 19.3. [email protected] & [email protected]
    01. 24.3. XRT (XR GT Turbo) @ Blackwood GP (BL1)
    02. 31.3. GT1 (FXO GTR, FZ50 GTR & XR GTR) @ Kyoto National rev. (KY2r)
    03. 14.4. FOX (Formula XR) @ South City Classic (SO1)
    04. 28.4. FXO (FXO Turbo) @ Westhill International rev. (WE1r)
    05. 12.5. NGT (XF GTR & UF GTR) @ Fern Bay Classic rev. (FE2Y_F25)
    06. 28.5. LX4 @ South City Town rev. (SO5r)
    07. 09.6. FBM (Formula BMW) @ Aston North rev. (AS7r)
    08. 23.6. XFG (XF GTI) @ Fern Bay Rallycross (FE5)
    09. 07.7. BF1 (BMW Sauber F1.06) @ South City Long (SO4)
    10. 21.7. FZ5 (FZ 50) @ Aston Sprint rev.(AS2y_A21)

It's planned to provide a live-stream for the whole CL18 at!

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