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Practice: all days prior to event
Qualifying 1: 1900GMT
Warmup 1: 1910GMT
Race 1: 1915GMT (23 laps, plus formation lap)
Interval: 1945GMT (circa)
Qualifying 2: 1950GMT (circa)
Warmup 2: 2000GMT (circa)
Race 2: 2005GMT (circa, 23 laps, plus formation lap)

All times are approximate and, especially for the second stage of the event, may fluctuate by 5-10 minutes. Sessions will never start early.


UK is GMT+1 throughout the season, while Central Europe is GMT+2, meaning qualifying starts at 2015UK / 2115CET.


Server Settings

Direct IP:

Password: tps123

Fuel Usage: Normal
Tyre Usage: Normal
Mechanical Failures: Normal
Parc Fermé : No
Type of Start: Formation lap plus standing start
Damage: 100%
Time Scale: Normal
Flag Rules: Black Only
Weather: Dry

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Notes for the drivers

  • This track is very bumpy. The racing here is close and it is difficult to overtake, so patience is needed. If you think you should be further up the field and get impatient, qualify better!
  • Running side-by-side through T1/2 is not advisable! Use a common sense approach when racing through these sections.
  • The track is narrow, bear this in mind. Learn all the braking points off by heart, and use your brain!
  • Outbraking a driver into T1/2, or T11 might seem a tempting idea, but this rarely works. Turn 3 is a better bet.
  • Remember the safety and enjoyment of over 30 other drivers is worth more than just your own.
  • Preparing fully for this event is part of showing respect to your fellow competitors.
  • You are not expected to wait for another driver should you be at fault in an incident. However, should you choose to wait (to avoid being reported post-race and/or escape endorsements) then do so in a safe position and within a lap of the incident. Accidents caused by drivers waiting in dangerous areas will be penalized severely.
  • The staff will investigate all lap one incidents and any observed on the live broadcast - but aside from that, any incident needs to be reported within 48 hours for the staff to be able to review it - it is also fair to say that lap one incidents will be dealt harsher penalties then those during other parts of the race due to the potential for damage involved.
  • May I remind you of the TPS Rules & Regulations.


Formation Lap Details:

  • Weaving, hard braking, hard acceleration and general tyre warming behaviour is allowed, but be careful while doing so. There is nothing so frustratingly stupid than ruining yours and other's races on the formation lap.
  • Game Stock Car will notify you this is a formation lap. Pay attention and stay in order, not necessarily two by two, otherwise drivers getting to their grid slot can be problematic.
  • Anybody who spins out during the formation lap will be able to resume their position but must be extremely cautious while moving back through the field, flashing their lights if necessary. This is the only time excessive flashing of lights may be used.
  • Your speed may not exceed 100kph/62mph during the formation lap.
  • The formation lap is not part of the race distance, so factor this into your fuel requirements
  • As you come round to the grid at the end of your formation lap, your grid slot will be marked by a red square.
  • Holding your brake will help the game position you if you are not positioned exactly.
  • The race will not start until all cars are lined up correctly.
  • For those waiting, there is no message to inform that the race is beginning, so keep your attention firmly on the start lights.


Track Boundaries:

  • Track boundaries at Oran Park are the default TouringProSeries rules, which can be read via the link above, article 6.3.
  • Kerbing, which may be used, is indicated by the red and yellow textures in the main, by the white textures found in some places and includes the grey concrete inside and outside of the T6, 8, 9 and 10 kerbs.

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Round 3 Entry List
If your name appears in the allocation below, you are expected to show up for the race. If you cannot race you must sign-out in the Absence Report thread here at least by 23:59GMT of the day before the race. You run the risk of being expelled from the league if this is not carried out.

  1. Åcerclinth J
  2. Angwyn K
  3. Bäck D
  4. Butcher C
  5. Campfield A
  6. de Carvalho X
  7. Demolin L
  8. Demolin T
  9. Eley T
  10. Emmens M
  11. Erzen T
  12. Hack C
  13. Hackeson B
  14. Hardwick O
  15. Hughes J
  16. Hughes N
  17. Lauritzen A
  18. Nannen D
  19. Olsson T
  20. Orbán M
  21. Patrick P
  22. Pepper J
  23. Powell R
  24. Richards M
  25. Salo R
  26. Shepherd C
  27. Shorter C
  28. Shorter M
  29. Simmons D
  30. Søvik S
  31. Vandevelde A
  32. Walker R
  33. Waring A

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  • After reading the new regulations for the real life Clio Cup 2014, it has come to my attention that the series uses ABS. So, from this moment onwards, ABS will be permitted in the Virtual Clio Series. Remember to enable it!

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